Professional academic and scientific conference paper proofreading services are also offered by for professors, senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows and research students working in all academic and scientific fields. Learn more about how to submit your academic or scientific conference paper for proofreading.

Sending your academic or scientific conference paper to us for proofreading will give you confidence when you most need it – when, that is, you are standing in front of a group of your colleagues and presenting your research. Academic or scientific conferences provide an excellent opportunity for sharing your work with a sophisticated and knowledgeable audience, engaging interested listeners in illuminating dialogue and forming vital connections with important members of your scholarly community. It is not a time for awkward grammar, unclear language or the sense of self-doubt that arises when you suspect such errors of occurring in the text that you are reading aloud. In addition, if that prestigious senior scientist or academic whose attention you had hoped to attract happens to ask you for a copy of your paper, you need to be able to comply at once with work that reflects well on you. Our academic and scientific conference paper proofreaders are experts in the detection and correction of language problems of all kinds, so they provide the perfect solution, and you are more than welcome to include along with the paper that you send us any notes that you may wish to share with your proofreader about aspects or parts of your writing that especially concern you.
Conference Paper Editing Services
Many of our clients are senior scientists and academics who are not native speakers of English but who wish or need to present or publish their research in the English language. Our academic and scientific proofreaders are highly educated native speakers of English, so they can assist such authors in communicating as clearly and with as much precision and sophistication in English as they would were they writing and presenting in their native language. The services offered by our academic and scientific conference paper proofreaders are also extremely useful for native speakers of English who would like a second pair of professionally trained eyes to ensure that the work that they share with their scholarly communities contains no errors or inconsistencies and is generally polished to perfection.

It is often the case that the actual presentation is only one stage in the long and fruitful life of a conference paper. In some cases, for instance, you may need to submit your paper to the conference organiser(s) long before the conference begins so that decisions can be made about which papers to include and how the sessions will be structured. If so, the submission will be equivalent to submitting an article to an academic or scientific journal, with the chances of it being accepted being much increased if your grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct and your use of formatting is effective and consistent. Still more often, the papers given at a conference are published in a volume of conference proceedings, and if you are fortunate enough to have your paper included in such a collection, you will need to meet all the requirements set by the volume’s editor(s) or publisher, and you will need to add formal notes, citations and references as well as using language that is clear and correct. If, on the other hand, you choose to submit your paper separately to an academic or scientific journal, you will need to consult the author instructions or guidelines, formatting or reformatting your paper in the ways required. Whatever stage you are at with your conference paper, send it our way along with a link to or a file containing the guidelines with which you are working, and one of our professional conference paper proofreaders will help you to achieve the highest scholarly standards. Keep in mind that we are also happy to proofread your paper proposals and synopses, as well as your correspondence with the conference organiser(s), to ensure that you are describing and discussing your work in ways that are designed to achieve success.

Our academic or scientific proofreading servicess are also invaluable for those organising conferences and editing volumes of conference proceedings. We can check and correct the grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting and general clarity of conference posters and schedules, calls for papers and correspondence with participants and institutions. When it comes to publishing the papers and discussions from a conference, we can ensure that the language throughout the volume is clear, correct and free of typing errors, and we can also assist you with the daunting task of establishing consistent formatting, terminology, abbreviations and references across the contributions of many different scholars writing on widely varying topics.