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Completing the applications required to apply for grants and other forms of funding for scholarly, technical and professional projects of all kinds can be far more demanding than their length would suggest, and some of them are very long and detailed indeed. Whether you are applying for a scholarship to fund a doctoral degree, a grant to support an elaborate research project or a loan to develop your business, a great deal depends on the application. Often the process of gathering everything that is required, providing the right information in the right places and organising the paperwork involved can prove daunting in itself. Fortunately, the grant proofreaders at are familiar with applications of all kinds and they will be happy to check your application materials against the relevant instructions to ensure that you have included everything necessary in the preferred forms.
Grant Application Proofreading Services
However, a professional grant editor or proofreader can do a great deal more than that to assist you in preparing a successful application. When applying for a grant or other funding, it is essential that you make your intentions for the money you hope to receive absolutely clear to those assessing the application, and this leaves no room at all for errors and ambiguities. A budget or list of expenses is usually required, for instance, and it must be reasonable without any omissions or mathematical mistakes that might suggest you are unable to manage the funds. A timeline for the project is another standard element and it, too, must be both reasonable and error free – simply entering the wrong start or end date, for example, can be disastrous if the funding body has strict rules about when a project should start and end. Finally, the description of your project must not only meet any length and formatting requirements, but also be extremely well written to communicate your plans effectively, especially when those plans are complex, as they tend to be. Errors in typing, spelling, punctuation and grammar must be eliminated, and if writing will form any part of the project (in a book or perhaps an article), your writing in the application should serve as a demonstration of your skills, as should any samples of writing you need to provide. The grant proofreaders available through are experts in the English language as well as in formatting and other aspects of scholarly and professional writing, so they can help you perfect the text you include with your application.

Among the special challenges of writing grant applications is the potential diversity of the audience you are addressing. Although there may be instances in which every member of the committee considering an application will have specialised knowledge about the proposed project, this is extremely rare. With most grants, at least part of the committee assessing an application will not be specialists in the applicant’s field, a situation that makes the effective communication of complex and sophisticated information all the more difficult. An especially plain and concise style that can be readily understood by a general audience is required. Procedures and concepts must be expressed in simple language; excessive specialised terminology should be avoided and what is used must be defined; ideas and processes must be explained carefully and precisely; and the focus should be on the most important points, which is also helpful for readers who may have very little time to consider your application. A grant proofreaders or proofreader from can bring to your applications the experience and objectivity required to ensure that you are clearly communicating your research or professional plans to the wide range of readers who may be evaluating your application.

Many of our clients are scientists, academics and professionals who are not native speakers of English but who wish or need to complete applications and other documents in the English language. Our grant proofreaders assist such authors in communicating as clearly and with as much precision and sophistication in English as they could were they writing in their native language. The proofreading services offered by can also be extremely helpful for native speakers of English who would like a second pair of professionally trained eyes to ensure that their applications contain no errors or inconsistencies in language or formatting and are generally polished to perfection. We would be delighted to give you more confidence in your applications and help you win the funding you require.