Writing is a valuable skill for researchers working in the social sciences, and many social scientists are confident authors. However, even excellent writing must be carefully proofread and edited before it is submitted to a journal or press for peer review and publication, and far fewer social scientists are or even wish to be accomplished proofreaders.

For those authors who would like to edit and polish their own social sciences writing, time is often short, and it can be notoriously difficult to spot errors and inconsistencies in one’s own text – after all, the author already knows what he or she intended to write. Proof-Reading-Service.com offers the highest quality social sciences proofreading services by expert proofreaders who have the time, the proclivity and the training to dedicate exacting attention to our clients’ research manuscripts.
Social Sciences Manuscript Editing Services
What Kind of Social Sciences Editing Services Does Proof-Reading-Service.com Provide?
Most of the social sciences editing we do at Proof-Reading-Service.com takes place on a computer screen. A client sends us a research manuscript as an electronic file, in most cases a Microsoft Word document, and the social sciences editor we select to edit the manuscript makes necessary changes directly to the electronic document. These changes constitute our basic social sciences proofreading services and consist of

  • Corrections to eliminate errors in the grammar, spelling and punctuation used in the manuscript along with typing mistakes of all kinds to ensure that the author’s intended meaning is clearly and accurately conveyed at all times.
  • Adjustments to establish consistency in stylistic and structural elements across every line, sentence, paragraph and part of the manuscript in keeping with the high publication standards for peer-reviewed social sciences research.
  • Alterations to observe with precision the publishing guidelines and instructions of the author’s target journal or press. It is common for references, in-text citations, notes, headings, subheadings and many other aspects of research documents to require some adjustment to meet publisher requirements.

Submission Guidelines
Our expert social sciences proofreaders at Proof-Reading-Service.com also tend to explain their work and share their insights with our clients. Depending on an author’s specific challenges and needs, the social sciences proofreading services we offer may therefore include

  • Explanations of the reasoning behind changes made during the social sciences editing process, especially if those changes have been extensive or complicated and the reasons for them may not be entirely clear to the author.
  • Suggestions for ways in which the author might improve the manuscript further by making adjustments to phrasing or vocabulary, formatting or structure, argument or tone or any other aspect of the document. Such changes, should the author choose to make them, would not be corrections but improvements and could be applied to future writing as well as the current manuscript.

Although most of our clients send us their research manuscripts for proofreading before submitting them to a journal or press, our expert social sciences proofreaders are also uniquely equipped to help when a manuscript has been rejected or changes have been requested before it can be published. In such situations our social sciences proofreading services might include

  • Assistance deciphering critical comments and implementing the corrections and other changes requested by peer reviewers and acquisitions proofreaders. Some of our clients share the feedback they receive with their proofreaders to ensure that the proofreading services they receive are focussed directly upon the issues that prevent publication.
  • Expert social sciences editing for other documents associated with the publication of a research manuscript, such as letters to a journal editor and descriptions for a peer reviewer of the decisions and changes made to improve a manuscript.

The client receives our social sciences proofreading services via two versions of the file he or she originally submitted for social sciences editing:

  1. A clean version in which the changes made by our social sciences editor have been seamlessly incorporated into the author’s text.
  2. A tracked version which shows all the changes and gives the author the creative control to accept or reject those changes individually or as a whole.

The editor’s explanations and suggestions will appear as marginal comments that do not interfere with the author’s text.

Why Choose Proof-Reading-Service.com for Your Social Sciences Editing Needs?
The first and most compelling reason for choosing our proofreading services has to be the expertise of our highly educated social sciences proofreaders. Every member of our social sciences editing team is a native speaker of English who holds a postgraduate degree at either the master’s or doctoral level. Collectively, their areas of research interest and specialisation range widely, enabling us to select an editor perfectly suited to understand, appreciate and edit the content of every client’s manuscript. Some members of our team have experience editing and publishing their own research manuscripts, and all of them have undergone rigorous assessment and training in the most effective social sciences editing techniques. The work of junior members is regularly monitored by our senior proofreaders to ensure the highest quality social sciences proofreading services for every customer. Our clients rely on us to provide the professional social sciences editing they require, and our expert proofreaders are perfectly qualified to do the painstaking work required and on time.

Our professional social sciences proofreading services are also affordable, with the price for editing a manuscript calculated in advance based on the word count of the document. Even if a client’s manuscript requires far more extensive and time-consuming editing than we anticipated, the proofreading price we initially quoted will never increase. The cost of an expert social sciences editor for a short journal article or book chapter is therefore extremely reasonable, and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed at Proof-Reading-Service.com. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the social sciences proofreading services you have received, please let us know at once so that we can resolve the problems and immediately provide the expert social sciences editing you require. Finally, as busy academics ourselves, we understand the need for security and confidentiality when editing unpublished research and always keep our clients’ personal information and intellectual property entirely private.

Anthropology Editing Services
Anthropology is a science that requires a vast understanding of references to historical data and reliance on discipline to assemble ideas that fit within an acceptable academic framework. Anthropology editing requires experience in interpreting and understanding the transformation of complex ideas into writing that ultimately conveys precise meanings. The end result involves the best choice of terminology that excels in the presentation of a final summary of ideas. All of our Anthropology proofreading services adhere to any specific formatting guidelines while correcting all spelling and grammar errors, creating a perfect final composition that will have the greatest impact on various audiences.

Archaeology Editing Services
Archaeology is a very distinct science that combines a need for complex knowledge of the history of civilizations with the current trends of discovering new information based on modern interpretations. Individual excavation projects require protocols and separate knowledge of the previous lives of people, incorporated into project findings and resulting in writing of importance that hopefully reports an important new paradigm shift. Our Archaeology proofreading services aims to produce perfected and highly regarded written manuscripts by not only satisfying these distinct academic expectations but also fulfilling the requirements of spelling, grammar and formatting.

Behavioural Science Editing Services
The behavioural sciences are founded on meters and skills that contribute to the ability to engage in the documentation of observations and the development of ideas based on data collection. Compiling summaries of these observations and data sets requires experience in the field as well as a sound academic grounding in the principles of behavioural science. The culmination of this fieldwork is often cumbersome, and continual writing and revision of manuscripts is an arduous task that most professionals find overwhelming. Behavioural science proofreading services can complete the overt review process as well as delivering the appropriate spelling, grammar and formatting corrections required of a professional writing service.

Economics Editing Services
Economics editing requires individuals with a history of professional accomplishments directly related to successful writing and publishing in subjects related to this field. The creation of documents for journals, annual reports and websites requires the highest quality editing, which includes all the necessary graphical and tabular representations of data. Our economics editing professionals excel at the reviewing and proofreading process, offering academic superiority and the experience necessary to provide continually the highest quality service. Our team offers exceptional final documents with perfect spelling, grammar and formatting that meet all the specific requirements within strict deadlines.

History Paper Editing Services
Knowledge of history is mostly acquired from documents and long sessions of reading and discussion among peers regarding a certain subject area or time period. Becoming a professional in historical writing requires dedication to acquiring and compiling a vast amount of materials. Using the active voice for the writing of history manuscripts involves clear and concise organization in a format that expresses a free flow of ideas. Our history paper editing team is a professional group of individuals with an exceptional amount of experience in the editing of history papers, providing all the necessary spelling and grammar corrections while adhering to all formatting guidelines.

Management Studies Editing Services
Management studies combine human resource management and the study of organizational behaviour and communication between different levels of management and labour. Adequate descriptions of agreements and the history of negotiations, conflict resolutions and the development of structure and frameworks for companies require a unique ability and background. Proof-Reading-Service.com is dedicated to ensuring that all documents are edited quickly in line with the understanding that the outcome is a finished narrative that engages all of the necessary combinations of these themes. Our management studies proofreaders produce final documents that always contain all the necessary spelling and grammar corrections and adhere to any formatting requirements.

Philosophy Editing Services
Assessing philosophical papers for editing and revision changes requires mastery of the presentation of philosophical arguments and the discussion that creates and describes them. Developing a sound philosophical conclusion requires proficiency in organization and a sound academic grounding coupled with a commanding grasp of philosophical definitions and language. Proof-Reading-Service.com has assembled a group of superlative academics who thrive on the creation of professionally edited philosophy documents. Our proofreaders have the proficiency and experience to engage in philosophy paper editing on an advanced level, and they are capable of delivering publishable documents containing all the necessary spelling, grammar and formatting corrections.

Political Science Editing Services
The review and editing of political science papers extend well beyond checking for a proper introduction, topic sentences, document organization, conclusion and writing in the active voice. Editors must understand the underlying themes and academic background. The formation of a certain directness in sentence and overall document structure is a firm necessity in delineating certain discussions, resulting in correctly assembled conclusions. Manuscripts that are ready for publication require proper word choice and consistency in argument development with appropriate evidence that has been characteristically described throughout. Proof-Reading-Service.com provides edited political science manuscripts that stand out as the best in all of these aspects while correcting all spelling, grammatical and formatting errors.

Psychology Editing Services
The complexity of the human mind and behaviour in the study of psychology creates difficulties when writing discussion and conclusion sections of scientific papers. The avoidance of bias is paramount when creating original psychology research, and the understanding of word choice in influencing reader insights is critical for any editor of documents focusing on psychology. Psychology proofreaders at Proof-Reading-Service.com have been specifically trained in psychological research analysis and the description of methodologies and results involving studies of the human mind. We specialize in helping authors to create publishable manuscripts quickly and efficiently, applying all the necessary spelling and grammar corrections and formatting changes.

Sociology Editing Services
Studies in sociology are concerned with the interaction of individuals and members of society, groups and organizations and variables describing contextual information. The critique and review of complex sociology research papers must be undertaken by proofreaders who have gained actual experience in the writing, review and peer-review-driven process of scientific publication in the field of sociology. The ability to integrate and understand all of the relevant sociological information as well as to write, edit and organize requires a very specific skill set. Proof-Reading-Service.com can quickly edit all documents in sociology while correcting any spelling, grammar and formatting errors.