Reporting advanced scientific research for publication is never easy. The content is complex, clear and accurate writing is essential, and publisher guidelines must be followed with precision and consistency across every aspect of a document. Thorough and detailed scientific editing is therefore always necessary to ensure that the highest scholarly standards are maintained. offers expert scientific proofreading services for professors, scientists and other advanced researchers working in all fields of scientific inquiry and development.

Expert Scientific Editing To Resolve the Problems Preventing Publication
Although many scientists are excellent writers, polished writing is not usually a focus for busy research scientists until it comes time to publish their research. Interest in the time-consuming process of careful scientific manuscript editing is still less common, even when there is enough time to do the job well. However, it remains true that many of the scientific articles submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication are rejected due to the kinds of problems that expert scientific proofreading services can effectively and efficiently resolve by

⁌ Correcting typographical, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors to ensure the clear and accurate communication of an author’s research data and ideas.
⁌ Establishing stylistic and structural consistency as required across every line and section of a scientific research manuscript.
⁌ Adjusting elements such as citations and references, headings and subheadings, tables and figures, layout and more to meet the specific requirements of the author’s target journal or press.

Our professional scientific proofreading services also provide, as appropriate, our scientific editor’s

⁌ Explanations of the reasons why changes have been made during the scientific editing process, particularly if the changes are extensive or complex and the reasons may not be entirely obvious to the author.
⁌ Constructive suggestions for additional changes that the author may wish to consider making in order to improve sentence structure, phrasing, organisation, argument, voice and other aspects of the manuscript.

You Can Rely on the Expertise of Our Scientific Editors
The excellence of our scientific proofreading services is a direct result of the expertise and experience of our highly educated scientific editing team. All of our scientific proofreaders are native speakers of English and they have been rigorously trained in the best techniques of scientific editing. They are advanced researchers themselves who have earned their own postgraduate degrees (master’s and PhD), and some of our scientific proofreaders have successfully edited and published their own research via peer-reviewed journals and presses. Their areas of specialisation cover the full range of scientific fields, so we are always able to provide the right expert editor for each and every manuscript submitted for scientific editing.

A perfect match of this kind between the scientific content of a client’s document and the expertise and experience of the scientific editor selected for it enables the most appropriate corrections and adjustments, the most insightful suggestions and the most effective scientific manuscript proofreading services possible. It also tends to increase an author’s confidence, and clients often discover that scientific editing can not only help prepare a manuscript for initial submission to a journal or publisher, but also help turn rejection into acceptance when an author has to tackle the challenging revisions requested by acquisitions proofreaders and peer reviewers. The author can then request the same scientific editor for future manuscripts, establishing a productive working relationship for a successful career in research and publishing.

Our Scientific Editing Services Are Affordable, Efficient, Secure and Guaranteed
At we understand the need for security and confidentiality when editing unpublished research documents and we keep all intellectual property and personal information secure and private. Our scientific proofreaders can meet very tight deadlines while providing our scientific proofreading services via electronic files (usually Microsoft Word documents) in an extremely efficient manner that offers the author both a clean version and a tracked version of his or her manuscript. The clean version incorporates the editor’s corrections and adjustments, while the tracked version reveals all the changes made during scientific editing and gives the author the ability to accept or reject them individually. Comments, suggestions and explanations offered by the scientific editor are presented marginally so that the author can choose to benefit from the editor’s expertise for the current document and future writing projects.
Submission Guidelines
The scientific editing prices are affordable and calculated in advance based on the word count of a client’s document. The editing price we quote for a manuscript will never increase even if there are major issues to resolve and the editing job becomes extremely complex and time consuming. In fact, we aim through our expert scientific editing to help our international clientele of scientists (many of whom are not native speakers of English) resolve both the major and the minor problems in their English writing that prevent them from publishing valuable new research. Finally, customer satisfaction is guaranteed at