A very high standard of writing is required for reporting original research in the humanities, particularly when the goal is publication through a respected peer-reviewed journal or press. Many humanities scholars carefully proofread and edit their own writing to ensure excellence, and certainly some need little help from professional proofreaders.

For others, however – those authors, for example, who are writing in a language that is not their own, and those who simply do not have the time for painstaking editing – an expert humanities editor can make all the difference in preparing a clear, informative and publishable research manuscript. Proof-Reading-Service.com offers expert humanities proofreading services for professors, senior researchers and advanced students working across all fields and areas of specialisation in the humanities.
Humanities Manuscript Editing Services
Why Our Humanities Editors Are Perfect for Your Research Manuscript
Our humanities proofreaders are known all around the world for their academic and professional excellence. Every one of them has earned at least one postgraduate degree, with many holding PhDs. Their areas of interest and specialisation range widely, enabling us to provide the perfect editor for every client’s manuscript: an editor, that is, who can understand and appreciate the author’s research content and provide the most efficient and appropriate humanities proofreading services. Most of our proofreaders come to our humanities editing team with publishing experience, some of them having edited and successfully published their own research, and every one of them receives rigorous training and assessment in the most effective humanities editing techniques. Every one of our humanities proofreaders is also a native speaker of English with the knowledge and proficiency to help both native and non-native speakers of the language correct and perfect their writing for peer-reviewed publication. The expert and informed assistance of a Proof-Reading-Service.com humanities editor can be invaluable when polishing a research manuscript for initial submission to a journal or press, when tackling the challenging revisions requested by acquisitions proofreaders and peer reviewers, and even when preparing letters for those proofreaders or summaries of changes for those reviewers.

What Our Humanities Editing Services Offer Professional Authors
Most of the clients who benefit from our humanities proofreading services send us their writing as electronic files, usually Microsoft Word documents. The humanities editor selected for a manuscript makes any necessary corrections and adjustments directly to the client’s document, which is returned to the author in two different versions once the humanities editing process is complete.

  1. The clean version seamlessly incorporates all of the changes made by our humanities editor into the author’s text.
  2. The tracked version reveals every change and gives the author final control over the humanities editing process with the ability to accept or reject any one or all of those changes.

The changes made by our expert editor constitute our humanities proofreading services and include

  • Correcting all grammatical, orthographical and punctuation errors as well as any typographical mistakes through an exacting line-by-line humanities editing process to ensure that the author’s intended meaning is communicated clearly and accurately.
  • Establishing consistency in stylistic and structural elements across every line, sentence and section of the manuscript with a special focus on observing with precision the publishing guidelines of the author’s target journal or press with regard to references, notes, quotations, headings, figures and many other aspects of the document.

Submission Guidelines
When helpful, Proof-Reading-Service.com humanities proofreaders also offer our clients their experience and expertise via unobtrusive marginal comments that should also be considered among our humanities proofreading services. These are generally of two kinds:

  • Explanations of the changes that have been made to the manuscript, especially when those changes are extensive or complicated and the reasons for them may not be entirely obvious to the author.
  • Suggestions for further changes to the manuscript that are not strictly necessary, but would certainly improve aspects of the writing such as sentence structure, authorial voice, argumentation and more were the author to implement them.

Why Proof-Reading-Service.com Is a Wise Choice for Humanities Editing
Our humanities proofreading services at Proof-Reading-Service.com are completely reliable. Our clients choose the date and time when they require their edited manuscripts, and our expert humanities proofreaders always ensure that the humanities editing process is completed to the highest scholarly standards on time. As academics and authors in their own right, our humanities proofreaders also understand the need for security and privacy, so our clients can be sure that their personal information and intellectual property will always be safely held in the strictest confidence.

In addition, our humanities proofreading services are competitively priced and affordable. The cost of humanities editing for a manuscript is determined in advance based on the word count of the document. We guarantee that the quoted price will never increase even if the manuscript requires a great deal more editing and time than we or the author could have anticipated. We also guarantee customer satisfaction at Proof-Reading-Service.com and urge our clients to inform us at once if any aspect of our proofreading services has not met their expectations. We will immediately work to resolve the problems and, if necessary, have a senior humanities editor re-edit the manuscript free of charge.