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In a variety of ways the career of a scientist, business executive, medical practitioner and so many other highly educated professionals is a tracked and recorded career. Reports, as mechanisms for recording, verifying and disseminating information and activities, are central to careers of this kind, and they tend to be required of those who are not comfortable with expressing themselves in writing just as frequently as they are required of those who are. Whether short and snappy or hundreds of pages long and extremely complicated, a report is only successful if the language and formatting used by the author is appropriate and effective for communicating the specific content to the intended audience. The team of report proofreaders can help you ensure that these elements of your writing are not just acceptable, but excellent, and thereby increase your confidence in the reports you share with your colleagues, mentors, clients and scholarly community.
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For postsecondary and postgraduate students, reports can be an essential part of completing course work, earning grades and academic credit, and winning a place in higher degree programmes. For scholars and researchers, reports can validate important projects, substantiate procedures and theories, and both gain and retain necessary funding. For business professionals, reports can demonstrate the practicality and economic feasibility of projects, record progress and suggest new directions for development, and analyse and improve products, policies and practices. For all of these individuals and many others, reports can lead to career opportunities and advancement, but only if every report generated reflects well on its author. The professional report proofreaders available through are trained experts in both the English language and scholarly documents, so they can assist you in achieving the right effect by checking and correcting your grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation, as well as all aspects of your formatting, editorial style and references.
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Reports of a scholarly and professional nature are significantly enhanced by strategies that increase the accessibility of information and the comprehension of readers, many of whom must understand quickly and thoroughly the content of the reports they read, although they may not be specialists in the relevant areas. Sections, subsections and the headings that introduce and define them are essential, and the careful use of white space between them can improve the effectiveness of these organisational tools. Lists, tables, graphs, charts, maps and other figures can clearly present in immediately discernible forms material that would be tedious and obscure for many readers were it described and explained in plain text. Appendices, indices and tables of contents can render long, complex and detailed stretches of information manageable even for those readers who have very little time available for reading reports. However, many of these elements of good report writing can be notoriously difficult to design and construct with accuracy, consistency and sensitivity to the needs of readers. Fortunately, the report proofreaders at are familiar with the ways in which reports can be successfully structured and presented, so they can make sure, for instance, that all the headings you use in your report, all the abbreviations you use in tables and all the labels you use in figures are appropriate and consistent, and that the arguments and general trends you are developing and demonstrating through these aspects of your writing are effectively communicated.

Many of our clients are senior researchers and professionals who are not native speakers of English but who wish or need to share and publish their research and other writing in the English language. Our report proofreading services can assist such authors in communicating as clearly and with as much precision and sophistication in English as they could were they writing in their native language. The services available at are also extremely useful for native speakers of English who would like a second pair of professionally trained eyes to ensure that their scholarly writing contains no errors or inconsistencies in language or formatting and is generally polished to perfection prior to dissemination. When you send your document to us for report proofreading you can rest assured that a highly educated native speaker of English who is familiar with your discipline and subject area will proofread your work with the utmost attention to each and every detail, increasing the chances of your document meeting and exceeding your expectations.