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Writing is a vital skill at every stage in the career of a historian. History students write essays, reviews, research papers, dissertations and theses in order to earn grades, course credits and degrees, and the production of scholarly books and articles as well as conference presentations and instructional materials are essential to the academic career that often follows. For all of these documents and others, an extremely high standard of writing is required of historians. Historical facts and artefacts generally cannot stand alone, but require explanation and interpretation if they are to reveal the fascinating realities of the past that make historical writing so interesting. Most historical studies therefore combine a sophisticated scholarly narrative or argument with a detailed presentation of the factual evidence that supports that argument, and this is a challenging combination that demands both subtlety and precision from the author. Fortunately, the history proofreaders available through Proof-Reading-Service.com have the expertise necessary to help you perfect your writing, so they can give you more confidence in the work you submit for publication or grading and share with colleagues and mentors.

Advanced historical research tends to be qualitative research, sometimes interwoven with aspects of quantitative research, and this means that an author reporting the results of his or her research must analyse the data collected and determine what is significant and meaningful in order to establish important themes, patterns and categories. Although these processes may be complex, convoluted and unique, they should be thoroughly explained and logically justified for readers. Careful organisation via a structure that makes use of engaging and informative headings, appropriate divisions, and smooth transitions between ideas and procedures is necessary to represent and communicate to readers the progression as well as the subtle twists and turns of an author’s thoughts. Spelling, punctuation and grammar must obviously be correct, while unfamiliar, archaic and specialised terminology must be defined when introduced and used with consistency throughout a document. In most cases an audience of both specialist historians and lay readers should be anticipated, so language that is as simple as possible, short sentences in the active voice and finely focussed paragraphs are usually best, though they can be difficult to achieve when the material discussed is complex. The history proofreaders at Proof-Reading-Service.com are experts in the English language who are also well versed in the style and content of historical documents. They can help you ensure that your writing is communicating with your readers exactly as you intend.

Historical writing tends to make extensive use of sources, including rather obscure primary sources, and citations and references sometimes number in the hundreds within a single document, yet every one of them must be thorough and accurate, and usually follow specific guidelines as well. Quotations can be frequent, and each one must be not only reproduced faithfully, translated accurately (if necessary) and acknowledged appropriately, but also clearly introduced and discussed in your text so that readers understand your reason for quoting it, and your argument as a whole is successfully developed through its use. The dates so frequent in historical writing must be accurate and used with consistency, and it is best if whatever dating conventions you adopt for your document are explained for readers. The history proofreaders at Proof-Reading.Service.com know how important these and other aspects of historical writing are to a successful academic argument, and they can offer corrections and suggestions that will help you present such material in appropriate and effective ways.
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A large portion of our clientele consists of professors, senior researchers and advanced students who are not native speakers of English but who wish or need to present or publish their academic writing in the English language. Our history proofreaders can be of great assistance in helping such authors communicate as clearly and with as much precision and sophistication in English as they could were they writing in their native language. However, the proofreading services offered by Proof-Reading-Service.com can also be extremely helpful for native speakers of English who would like a second pair of professionally trained eyes to ensure that their writing contains no errors or inconsistencies in language or formatting and is generally polished to perfection. One of our specialists in historical text would be delighted to read the next document you write and help you achieve your scholarly goals.