provides the highest quality of scientific subject matter expert proofreading services for researcher and scientists working in all scientific fields. Our scientific proofreaders are not only native speakers of English, but also specialists in a wide range of disciplines and scientific subject areas. They have conducted advanced research, earned postgraduate degrees (many of them PhDs), taught and examined students, and published their own scientific books and articles, so they are familiar with the content, styles and expectations associated with scientific publications.

They have also undergone rigorous training in the most effective scientific editing techniques before joining the team, so whatever your specialisation or goals may be, we can provide a professional scientific proofreader or editor with extensive knowledge in your field of expertise to ensure that your language, formatting and documentation meet the highest scientific standards.

The highly educated members of the PRS scientific proofreading team specialise in a wide range of scientific fields, please see the following scientific subject matter expert proofreading services:


Medical Editing Services
Writing in the medical sciences is challenging in a number of ways. Such writing tends to contain a significant amount of detailed and complex material, including data that must be presented with complete accuracy and specialised terminology that must be defined and used effectively. Authors must usually follow specific guidelines for formatting and documentation, as well as the rules of formal scholarly writing, and their writing often reaches a wide audience of readers with varying knowledge on the topic at hand. The members of the medical editing team have the aptitude, expertise and training needed to check and correct errors in language and formatting, ensuring that your writing is polished to perfection.

Agricultural Science Editing Services
Agricultural science covers a group of diversified areas encompassing a wide range of services. Writing in this discipline requires academic development as well as proficiency in a variety of tasks undertaken in the field for data collection, collation and the production of concise summaries that rely on proper evaluation. Members of our agricultural science editing team have undergone proper training to develop the expertise necessary to handle any complex assembly of ideas that require professional interpretation, resulting in precise and inspirational writing. The final product always incorporates any necessary spelling, grammar and formatting corrections, achieving a standard of excellence in agricultural science.

Behavioural Science Editing Services
The behavioural sciences are founded on meters and skills that contribute to the ability to engage in the documentation of observations and the development of ideas based on data collection. Compiling summaries of these observations and data sets requires experience in the field as well as a sound academic grounding in the principles of behavioural science. The culmination of this fieldwork is often cumbersome, and continual writing and revision of manuscripts is an arduous task that most professionals find overwhelming. Behavioural science proofreading services can complete the overt review process as well as delivering the appropriate spelling, grammar and formatting corrections required of a professional writing service.

Bioscience Editing Services
The biosciences are composed of an array of interests in biology. Research and study in this field encompass a broad scope of examinations from the molecular to the population and ecosystem basis and require knowledge of variables’ interaction. An understanding of the complexity of and interaction between individual species and the environment that they inhabit necessitates a specific academic focus to engage the process of editing properly. is dedicated not only to providing all the required spelling, grammar and formatting corrections but also to undertaking an intense scientific review of bioscience documents to exceed the level necessary to pass the professional review and publishing process.

Chemistry Paper Editing Services
Chemistry is a long-standing and well-developed science that is part of the core development of many scientists. The ability to excel in this well-founded science requires attention to detail and accuracy to report scientific findings in a professional narrative that encompasses proper comparisons with current research findings. An understanding of terminology and principles coupled with an ability to create smoothly flowing documents is paramount to complete the scientific process. Our chemistry paper proofreading services readily provides all the spelling, grammar and formatting corrections required for chemistry paper editing while also possessing the scientific aptitude necessary to create advanced documents of exceptional quality.

Engineering Paper Editing
Communicating technical information in writing is essential to the success of many projects, businesses and careers. Like other academic and professional writing, it must be grammatically correct and avoid typing, spelling and punctuation errors. In most cases, it must also make use of appropriate and consistent formatting, editorial styles and documentation techniques. In addition, technical writing must express complex ideas in simple terms that can be readily understood by those who are not specialists in the author’s subject area, a situation that presents special challenges. The professional engineering paper proofreaders and proofreaders at understand these challenges and have the expertise to help you polish your technical documents to perfection.

Environmental Science Editing
Environmental science are composed of a group of multidisciplinary fields that contain both biotic and abiotic components. The ability to perform in environmental sciences through writing and the creation of scientific documents requires an advanced understanding of terminology and concepts beyond a basic approach. In addition, scientists often lack the time for continual critical review under a peer review protocol that can take extended periods of time. Our seasoned environmental science proofreaders have obtained advanced experience over many years, honing their skills not only to provide quick, flawless interpretation of the expression of ideas in words, graphs and tables but also to include all the necessary spelling, grammar and formatting corrections.

Medical Editing Services
Authors of medical documents have the responsibility not only to ensure the accuracy and clarity of medical information but also to safeguard the perfect interpretation of all medical terms and concepts. Consigning the editing, organizing and summarizing of pertinent information in medical documents to medical editing professionals allows authors to engage in more original writing. is dedicated to maintaining absolute privacy of all medical data and confidential information while creating transcripts of perfected narratives with the correct understanding of all terms, phrases and words used by medical professionals. Our proofreaders always make all the necessary spelling, grammar and formatting changes during the editing process.

LaTeX Paper Editing Services
LaTeX editing software is a precise style of document preparation that differs from Microsoft Word and other similar word processors. LaTex displays plain text while using markup tagging protocols to delineate the general structure for stylization and the addition of citations and cross-references. Successful use of this software requires experience and knowledge that are similar to those acquired by HTML website designers and have been acquired by our specialized group of LaTex paper proofreaders. Members of have mastered the ability to utilize LaTeX to its full potential, providing perfectly edited documents while also correcting all spelling and grammar errors and meeting all formatting requirements based on authors’ and publishers’ preferences.

Life Science Editing Services
Life science is a very progressive discipline that encompasses a wide spectrum of fields from pharmaceutical to environmental science. The transfer of information in these fields into formal writing requires professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in scientific settings as well as the writing and editing skills necessary to transform manuscripts into publishable documents. Members of life science proofreading services team have skills and knowledge in all fields of life sciences, enabling them to organize writing and make the necessary revisions to transform drafts into productive documents that reach the stage of publication. In addition, all finished manuscripts are free of spelling, grammar and formatting errors.

Material Science Editing Services
Chemistry, physics and engineering are three areas of science in which a material science editor needs to be proficient to be able to interpret properly and make corrections to a draft document. An in-depth knowledge of the properties of a variety of well-known and new materials, as well as their application in processing, structure and performance, is paramount to report new discoveries in this individualized branch of industry. can edit any material science paper, including making all the necessary spelling, grammar and formatting corrections, creating a finalized document that will have the maximum impact on any intended audience in the field of material science.

Nursing Paper Editing Services
People who are dedicated to nursing require patience in helping people as well as knowledge and skills in healing and the application of treatments. Nursing also involves the development of new ideas for administering healthcare and managing conditions of infirmity while striving to apply science with the aim of using compassion in improving patient care and well-being. Our nursing paper proofreaders have experience in the field of practical nursing and the caregiver response as well as knowledge of the science of nursing. can enable rough draft nursing documents quickly to take the form of smooth-flowing, well-organized manuscripts ready for publication, correcting all spelling, punctuation and formatting errors.

Neurosurgery Editing Services
The editing of neurosurgery documents requires the critical assessment of writing concerning the prevention, diagnosis and surgical treatment of all neural tissue, including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous systems and cerebrovascular system. The interpretation of all neurosurgery information in this medical field must pay meticulous attention to the minutest details in all written, graphical and tabular representations of data. Our neurosurgery proofreaders have the knowledge and the specified ability to deliver cohesive and coherent neurosurgery documents that are matured through a rigorous editing process while also making spelling and grammar corrections and imposing appropriate formatting as dictated by individual publishing requirements.

Pharmaceutical Science Editing
The pharmaceutical science industry has a value of $1.25 trillion dollars and provides medications that improve the lives of countless people. Scientists and other professionals are continually creating new drugs through persistent innovation, development, relentless evaluation and a stunning number of regulatory approval processes that must be undertaken flawlessly. Needless to say, our proofreaders of pharmaceutical science manuscripts are incredibly diligent in obtaining the necessary foundation in pharmaceutical science, the scientific methods in this field and the intensive regulatory processes that are required to gain approval for new drugs. We deliver professionally edited documents that also include all spelling and grammar corrections with all the necessary formatting.

Physical Sciences Editing Services
Physical sciences are composed of the study of the inorganic components of a system. The main branches that compose physical sciences are chemistry, physics, astronomy and earth sciences. Editors of physical science manuscripts must have knowledge of these various branches of study as well as the writing, editing and composition abilities necessary to organize documents quickly, incorporating the respective peer-reviewed changes, to complete the process of editing manuscripts correctly. is a professional editing company that has provided perfectly edited physical science documents over the course of many years. We also correct all spelling and grammar errors as well as completing all the formatting tasks required.

Planetary Science Editing Services
Planetary scientists study the celestial bodies that orbit stars, with a particular focus on our solar system. The creation and formation of documents that communicate the technical information of planetary sciences must also take into account the current trends of theory and ideas, which are developed through experience in writing and the peer-reviewed draft creation and editing process. Our planetary science proofreaders are familiar with editing all manner of documents from memos to the most advanced academic journal publications that define the direction of future research in the planetary sciences. Our editorial staff will also correct all spelling and grammar errors as well as meeting the necessary formatting requirements of final manuscripts.

Plant Science Editing Services
Scientific publication often requires a prolonged, intense effort in not only developing original research ideas but also acquiring composition skills and the ability to organize narratives to create masterful transcripts. can propel rough draft ideas into completed works of perfection. Our plant science proofreaders have the in-depth understanding of all facets of plant science and the editing skills required to complete tasks of manuscript preparation, working within all delineated deadlines. Scientists invest decades and extreme effort in publishing the results of research in scientific journals, and it makes sense to hire equally adept proofreaders to complete the process of manuscript development, including all the necessary spelling, grammar and formatting changes.

Political Science Editing Services
The review and editing of political science papers extend well beyond checking for a proper introduction, topic sentences, document organization, conclusion and writing in the active voice. Editors must understand the underlying themes and academic background. The formation of a certain directness in sentence and overall document structure is a firm necessity in delineating certain discussions, resulting in correctly assembled conclusions. Manuscripts that are ready for publication require proper word choice and consistency in argument development with appropriate evidence that has been characteristically described throughout. provides edited political science manuscripts that stand out as the best in all of these aspects while correcting all spelling, grammatical and formatting errors.

Social Sciences Editing
Social scientists write texts of many different kinds throughout their careers, and offers professional proofreading services for every kind of document they produce. Whether you are preparing a term paper, a research report, a doctoral thesis, an academic book, a journal article, a conference presentation, a class lecture or a project proposal, we can check your formatting, references, tables, figures and headings for conformity with required guidelines. Our social sciences editing services will also correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation wherever necessary to ensure a perfectly polished text that communicates your intentions clearly and with scholarly sophistication, significantly increasing the chances that your writing will achieve all you expect of it.

Sports Science Editing Services
Anyone studying and writing sports science papers must devote time to both fieldwork and authorship. Due to the demands and requirements of working in sports science, most researchers must rely on proofreaders with the experience and education necessary to complete the writing and developmental process of manuscript preparation. Delegating the sports science editing process to individuals who specialize in this task can allow researchers to develop new ideas, resulting in an increase of productivity in their chosen area of work.’s proofreaders understand the needs of sports science professionals and can assist in the creation of finalized documents with perfected spelling, grammar and individual formatting.

Veterinary Science Editing Services
Veterinary scientists travel and engage in the treatment of a variety of animals, both pets and animal species used for agriculture. The demands placed on individuals working in veterinary science are great, and often there is little time to devote to formalized writing and publishing of experiences and the results of research. Members of specialize in editing veterinary science papers and can quickly evaluate the necessary changes while maintaining continual communication with veterinary science professionals. Our record of producing properly edited scientific publications with all the necessary spelling, grammar and formatting corrections is well known and contributes to our reputation as a leader in veterinary science editing.