While most of the effort in pharmaceutical science research is put into generating data, data are nothing unless they are published. However, many researchers are uncomfortable with or anxious about writing. Journal publishers look for clear, concise writing. Accordingly, research articles require careful and precise proofreading and pharmaceutical science editing, even when time is limited.

Proof-Reading-Service.com offers journal editing and dissertation proofreading services by expert pharmaceutical science editors, designed to meet the needs of researchers at every career level. Our pharmaceutical science editing services help to clarify and improve your writing.

A variety of factors make it intimidating and difficult to publish research. The first step of our scientific manuscript editing is a thorough line-by-line edit, correcting the accidental grammar and spelling mistakes that are feared by researchers. Next, meticulous pharmaceutical science editors will establish consistency in style, structure and formatting to ensure that the manuscript meets the requirements of the target journal, regulatory body or publishing press.
Pharmaceutical Manuscript Science Editing Services
Furthermore, our pharmaceutical science editing services provide explanations for the changes made during the manuscript editing process and advice on how our clients may improve their writing further. A professional pharmaceutical science editor, matched to you based on expertise and research interests, can help you with difficult edits, like fulfilling challenging requests from peer reviewers and acquiring editors.

Services That Our Professional Pharmaceutical Science Editors Provide
Our professional pharmaceutical science editors provide a whole range of services to create a better manuscript, improving its odds of publication:

  • Proofreading that corrects all errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax and typing to ensure that the research is communicated clearly.
  • Editing to ensure that the manuscript is internally consistent and meets the high standards expected of peer-reviewed manuscripts.
  • Formatting the manuscript so that it follows the guidelines set out by the target journal or the client’s specific requirements for manuscript style.

Submission Guidelines
In addition to these standard components of pharmaceutical science editing, Proof-Reading-Service.com provides:

  • Clear explanations of every change made to the manuscript during the scientific editing process.
  • Suggestions for additional edits that may not be necessary but could further improve the grammar, syntax, sentence structure, style and central argument of the manuscript.
  • Editing for all the additional writing requirements associated with publishing a pharmaceutical science research study or manuscript.

Advantages of Choosing PRS as the Preferred Pharmaceutical Science Editing Company
Our expertise is the number one reason for researchers around the world choosing our scientific editing services. Every pharmaceutical science editor on our team has completed a postgraduate degree, allowing us to offer our clients editors with PhDs who have written and edited their own manuscripts for peer review and publication. Our editors have a wide range of backgrounds covering different facets of pharmaceutical science research, so we are sure to have an editor who understands the intricacies of your research and how best to prepare it for submission.

New editors undergo a rigorous assessment and training process to ensure that clients receive the best pharmaceutical science editing possible, and the work of new editors is monitored by senior editors to ensure that the editing is of the highest quality. In addition, all of our team members are native English speakers who have experience with helping native and non-native English speakers polish their manuscripts for publication.

The excellent pharmaceutical sciences editing services provided by Proof-Reading-Service.com are also affordable. The price of our pharmaceutical science editing services is determined by the word count and is guaranteed not to increase if the editing takes more time than initially anticipated. Engaging PRS’s services to edit a short journal article or report is cost-effective considering the price of our services and the cost of time and resources lost editing manuscripts or dealing with rejected manuscripts yourself.

Finally, Proof-Reading-Service.com offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. Clients submitting their manuscripts for editing by our pharmaceutical science editors can pick the date and time for the editing to be completed. Every client receives two versions of the edited manuscript: a clean version, which incorporates all of the editor’s changes into the author’s text, and a tracked version, showing the editor’s notes on why the changes were made and suggestions for optional changes.

Furthermore, we do everything possible to protect your intellectual property and personal information, keeping your unpublished manuscript secure and protecting your privacy. We also encourage clients to let us know if they are dissatisfied with our pharmaceutical science editing services in any way so that we can rectify the situation. If you have any questions or are interested in using our services, please peruse the resources provided on our website.