Most physical scientists are thrilled to make new discoveries, analyse significant results and discuss implications and recommendations for future research. Far fewer are keen proofreaders with the desire, inclination and time to ensure that their research manuscripts are thoroughly checked and corrected to meet the high publication standards of the most influential peer-reviewed journals and presses.

The expert physical sciences proofreaders at, on the other hand, have the skills, training and knowledge as well as the time and proclivity to offer our clients the exacting physical sciences proofreading services necessary to prepare research documents for successful publication. Learn more about how to submit your writing for our professional proofreading services.

Why Are Physical Sciences Editors Such a Good Choice?
Given that the physical sciences editing needs of our clients vary markedly, each author would probably identify different kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities as those of the greatest value in an expert physical sciences editor. There can be no doubt, however, that all researchers seeking our proofreading services benefit from qualified professional proofreaders who

  • Hold either a master’s or PhD degree (or both) in the physical sciences. Their areas of specialisation range widely, so we can always select a physical sciences editor with the perfect interests and training to appreciate and understand a client’s research and efficiently correct and improve his or her manuscript.
  • Are native speakers of English with extensive experience in physical sciences editing, writing and publishing in the English language. They know exactly how to offer the physical sciences proofreading services required by advanced researchers who are not native speakers of English as well as by those who are.
  • Have undergone thorough training in the most rigorous and efficient proofreading techniques before joining our proofreading team. Although the penchant for perfectionism among our proofreaders means that monitoring is rarely necessary, the work of junior team members is constantly assessed by our senior proofreaders to guarantee the continuous excellence of our physical sciences proofreading services.

Physical Sciences Manuscript Editing Services
Exactly What Does the Author Receive from Your Physical Sciences Editing Process?
At most of our clients submit their writing for physical sciences proofreading services as electronic files, usually Microsoft Word documents (although we can also work with other file types such as LaTeX or PDF documents). The physical sciences editor selected to work on a manuscript then makes the necessary changes directly to the author’s electronic document. When we return the edited version of the manuscript we actually return two versions of the file the client originally submitted for physical sciences editing.

  1. The first is a clean version in which all of the corrections and adjustments made by our physical sciences editor have been seamlessly incorporated into the normal text.
  2. The second is a tracked version which shows all of the changes made during the proofreading process and gives the author the opportunity to accept or reject any one or all of those changes.

Submission Guidelines
The changes made to the clean and tracked versions of a client’s manuscript constitute our physical sciences proofreading services and include

  • Corrections to the client’s grammar, spelling, punctuation and typing to eliminate all errors and ensure that the author’s intended meaning is communicated to readers clearly and accurately in every part of the manuscript.
  • Adjustments to establish consistency as required and appropriate in stylistic and structural aspects of a document, and particularly to observe the publishing guidelines of the author’s target journal or press with regard to references, citations, headings, abbreviations and more.
  • Explanations of the corrections and adjustments made during the physical sciences editing process, especially if the changes have been extensive or complicated and the need for them may not be entirely clear to the author.
  • Suggestions for additional changes that are not strictly required to correct the manuscript but would improve sentence structure, authorial tone, logical transitions and other aspects of the writing further were the author to follow our physical sciences editor’s advice.

Are Your Physical Sciences Editing Services Cost Effective and Reliable?
The proofreading rates are both competitive and affordable. We calculate the cost of physical sciences editing for a manuscript in advance based on the word count of the document and guarantee that the price will not increase even if the editing required is far more extensive or complex than we expected. The price of expert physical sciences editing for a brief journal article or scientific report can therefore be surprisingly inexpensive and, given the loss of time and future opportunities that can result from publication delays and rejections, extremely cost effective as well.

Our physical sciences proofreading services are also reliable. Each client sets the deadline for the completion of our proofreading work, and we always return the carefully edited versions of his or her manuscript by that deadline. We guarantee customer satisfaction and encourage feedback from our clients.

We want to know at once if an author is in any way dissatisfied with the physical sciences proofreading services we have provided so that we can quickly resolve the problems and, if necessary, have a senior member of our physical sciences editing team re-edit the manuscript immediately and free of charge. Finally, as researchers and authors ourselves, our physical sciences proofreaders understand how important security and privacy are when working with unpublished research, so our clients can relax in the knowledge that all personal information and intellectual property will be held in the strictest confidence.