English has become the global language of choice for reporting and publishing original academic and scientific research, particularly through the most influential journals and presses. Although this may be a fine situation for native speakers of English, many senior researchers and advanced students whose first language is not English find that they must write in the language if their research is ever to reach its intended audience. Such a challenge makes expert English language editing an absolute necessity when preparing a research manuscript for publication. Proof-Reading-Service.com offers professional English language editing for journal articles, research papers and reports, literature reviews, book chapters and entire monographs, or any other kind of research document our clients write.
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The Best English Language Editors for Academic and Scientific Research
All of our English language editors are native speakers of English with the training and experience to help authors write clearly and accurately about their original research. In fact, our editors are advanced researchers, with every one of them holding at least a master’s degree, and some have earned a PhD. Their areas of interest and specialisation range widely, so we are able to provide an English language editor with the right kind of research knowledge to understand and appreciate the content of each client’s paper. Many of our editors have taught and examined in the English language at the university level and bring extensive experience in English language editing and publishing to our professional team. Each successful applicant for a Proof-Reading-Service.com editing position also undergoes thorough training in the most effective English language editing techniques, and our senior English language editors regularly check and assess the work of junior team members to ensure the continuing excellence of our English language editing services.

Our English Language Editing Services Resolve Language Problems
Language problems are among the primary reasons why academic and scientific documents are rejected by peer-reviewed journals and presses that publish research in the English language. Requests from acquisitions editors and peer reviewers for the language of a submitted manuscript to be corrected, clarified, edited, proofread or otherwise improved before the research it attempts to report can be seriously considered for publication are also extremely common. Revision requests may be more hopeful than rejection, but not for authors who are as unable to perform detailed English language editing to correct the language problems in their writing as they were to avoid those problems in the first place. Our English language editing services are designed to help such authors by resolving both the major and the minor language issues that prevent the clear and accurate communication of their research. Our English language editor will therefore

  • Correct all grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in a manuscript to convey and clarify the author’s intended meaning.
  • Ensure that the forms used in a manuscript are consistent with either British or American English as required by the author or publisher.
  • Explain the reasons behind changes made during English language editing, especially if those changes are extensive and their reasons may not be obvious to the author.
  • Suggest further changes that may not be strictly necessary for correct English, but could be made by the author to improve the style, tone, sentence structure, logical transitions, vocabulary and many other aspects of the writing.

Authors who benefit from our English language editing services can move ahead with their publishing plans secure in the knowledge than their English writing communicates their research and ideas with accuracy and sophistication.

English Language Editing To Meet Publishing Standards and Requirements
However, our English language editors do much more for our clients than improve their written English. Our English language editing process also ensures that the publishing standards in an author’s field of study and the publication requirements of his or her target journal or press are met by

  • Eliminating all typing errors that can make a manuscript look unprofessional.
  • Establishing stylistic and structural consistency across all details, parts and sections of a research document.
  • Adjusting bibliographical references, in-text citations, endnotes and footnotes, headings and subheadings, and many other elements of a manuscript to observe the author instructions or publisher guidelines provided by the client.

In some cases, our English language editors help authors with other parts of the publishing process as well, so our English language editing services might include

  • Assisting an author with challenging revisions when an acquisitions editor or peer reviewer requests corrections to the language or other aspects of a research manuscript.
  • Editing additional writing associated with the publication of research manuscripts, such as letters to journal editors, book proposals and summaries for university presses, and author biographies.

Affordable and Reliable English Language Editing Services
Our English language editing services are affordable, and when one considers the time and opportunities that can be lost due to unsuccessful manuscript submissions, they are also extremely cost effective. The price of English language editing for a manuscript is calculated in advance based on the word count of the document and will not increase even if major problems necessitate extensive and time-consuming editing. We guarantee that your manuscript will be edited and returned to you by the deadline you specify, and we also guarantee your satisfaction. If the work of our English language editor has not met your expectations, please let us know so that we can have a senior team member re-edit your writing to your complete satisfaction. Finally, our editing services are secure and confidential, with intellectual property and personal information kept private at all times, so there is no risk and a great deal to gain from trying our expert English language editing services.