Why Publish a Research Paper in a Collection of Essays?

Why Publish a Research Paper in a Collection of Essays?
Given the current focus on publishing academic and scientific articles in top-tier journals, edited collections of scholarly essays seem less important than they once were. However, such collections still occupy more than one niche in the world of publishers and readers, and there remain some very good reasons to consider publishing your writing in this format.
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For one, a book of essays usually gathers together a variety of perspectives on a topic, problem or phenomenon, producing a collection of considerable value for readers and especially for students and practitioners who are new to the subject or topic. Purchasing a collection of essays involves a one-time expense for university libraries, so where library resources make journal subscriptions too dear, the chapters of an edited collection may well be consulted by students and faculty more often than journal articles are. In some instances, an edited volume of essays that provides a thorough and current understanding of a topic or problem will be used as an instructional resource in courses, effectively becoming a textbook and influencing a new generation of scholars. For those authors who want their research to have a positive effect on their fields of study, publishing in edited collections can therefore constitute an excellent choice.
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In addition, an edited collection of essays is a communal effort. The editor(s) is usually an expert in the field and often contributes not only the introduction, but also a chapter on a specific aspect of the topic or problem at hand. The contributors tend to be scholars at various different stages in their careers, a situation that allows those authors just beginning their careers to be published along with those well advanced in their field. Such associations demonstrate to employers and funding bodies that the contributors have valuable research connections, and in some cases the contributors are able to read all of the contributions to a volume prior to publication. This allows each contributor to incorporate in his or her own work the most recent research of the other contributors through cross references and closely knit discussions. The result is an active academic or scientific dialogue that enacts healthy scholarly debate even when the essays do not begin as conference presentations, though many essay collections do consist of presentations revised, edited and published as chapters.

Because scholarly collections of essays still tend to be published in print instead of electronic versions, contributing to such a collection may mean that your work is less accessible to potential readers who search online. However, many publishers are now releasing e-books at the same time as printed editions or following up the printed versions with electronic ones, and online descriptions of essay collections usually include tables of contents listing contributors and the titles of their chapters. This means that your contribution to a collection will usually be discoverable online by the serious researchers who will read your work with insight and make good use of it in their own writing.

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