A Tool for Discovering New Academic and Scientific Journals

A Tool for Discovering New Academic and Scientific Journals
Whether you are seeking scholarly articles to enhance your research or an appropriate place to publish your own papers, the Genamics JournalSeek web site is an excellent tool for discovering academic and scientific journals. Produced with support from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) as part of the WorldCat Knowledge Base, the JournalSeek database contains information on over 100,000 journals published by more than 6,000 publishers.

The database can be searched at http://journalseek.net/ in three different ways: (1) by typing in the title or ISSN of a specific journal to go to the page dedicated to that journal; (2) by typing in a particular topic or subject to bring up a list of relevant journals included in the database; and (3) by browsing journals in 24 different categories (such as Arts and Literature, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology), with each category containing subcategories that are very useful for narrowing a search. The description pages for individual journals vary, with some providing much more information than others, but most of the ones I looked up include the name of the publisher, the ISSN for the journal (both print and electronic), the standard abbreviation(s) for the journal title and a link to the journal’s own web site (if it has one), as well as links to the JournalSeek categories that contain the journal, which are especially helpful when you want to broaden your search. In most cases, a journal’s page also offers a brief description of the aims and scope of the journal, with some of these descriptions a good deal longer and more detailed than others. Many of the descriptions are in English, but for journals that predominantly publish articles in other languages, those languages (with or without an English translation) tend to be used instead.
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The Genamics JournalSeek database is not exhaustive and it does not offer anything that cannot be found on the individual journal web sites, where the user will inevitably end up when seeking articles or submission guidelines, but it does provide information for the many journals it includes on one convenient site that can quickly and easily be searched. It is therefore a great place to start discovering more about scholarly journals in your field and subject area, and its categorisation of the journals it includes can sometimes produce surprising results by informing you that journals you may have thought completely unrelated to your work do indeed publish similar material. In addition, the JournalSeek database is always growing, and users are invited to suggest publishers and journals that are not yet included, and also to suggest new categories to improve the organisation and accessibility of the journals listed, so do hit the ‘Contact Us’ button and share your thoughts if you discover shortcomings.

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