Importance of Editing – Why English Editing is Important

Importance of Editing – Why English Editing is Important
Many authors fail to understand the importance of taking the time for English Editing of their academic writing before they share it with readers. Even the simplest prose is much improved when its author reads it critically, reflects on how effectively it communicates what he or she intended, and then revises to correct errors and improve clarity and eloquence. With scholarly prose, which usually exists to present complicated information and therefore tends to become somewhat convoluted at times, this process is even more essential. ‘Why English editing is important?’ is not a question an accomplished academic or scientist asks as a draft is completed. ‘When will I find the time for English editing of my academic writing?’ is far more common, and that time can be notoriously difficult to locate, but can help. A member of our professional academic and scientific team would be delighted to offer our English editing  services for your academic  writing. Learn more about how to submit your document for our English proofreading services.

Before we tell you exactly what we do when we offer English editing for our clients, a few persuasive reasons Why English editing is important may prove inspiring.

• For one, accuracy and clarity are vital when communicating academic and scientific research in writing. Errors and ambiguities in language can confuse or even mislead readers, an unfortunate situation that tends to compromise opportunities for publication as well as careers. Accuracy and clarity are more effectively assessed when returning to a text as its critical reader than when drafting it as its author.
• References are often dreaded by scholarly authors, but precision, thoroughness and consistency are necessary in order to provide readers with accurate and adequate information about the sources consulted during a research project. These qualities are also required to follow guidelines and acknowledge the authors and researchers whose work has been cited. Yet errors creep with frustrating frequency and virtual invisibility into source documentation, and such errors can misrepresent a scholar’s work and that of his or her predecessors. In the worst of scenarios, an intellectual slight or accusation of plagiarism may be the result, so references of all kinds should always be English edited and corrected with great care.
• Formatting is an essential aspect of communicating detailed information with absolute precision, which is no doubt why the author instructions of so many scholarly journals and publishers are so very particular about the formatting of almost every aspect of academic and scientific documents, from the levels of heading used to organise a paper to the kinds of lines allowed in its tables. This vital element of scholarly writing is most effectively addressed when a paper is English edited with a critical eye alert to every detail.
PhD ThesisEditing Services
At we understand well the importance of dedicating the most exacting attention to these and other aspects of academic and scientific documents. When English editing an author’s writing we check and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and also suggest improvements to text that may be awkward or ambiguous but not strictly incorrect. We consult whatever guidelines a client is following and ensure that they are observed throughout each document with precision and consistency, indicating when further information may be required or an entirely different format might be necessary. English editing also catches content errors , and we always take a close look at the effectiveness of tables, figures, footnotes and appendices.

If you are busy writing an academic or scientific document, we would be delighted to offer our English proofreading services for you. Our team consists of highly educated native speakers of the English language who are familiar with the conventions and standards of scholarly writing in their respective fields and carefully trained in the intricacies of editorial practices. They understand what our learned clients are trying to say and know exactly how to help them say it in a clear, professional and sophisticated manner. We look forward to working with you.

Why Our Editing and Proofreading Services?
At we offer the highest quality journal article editing, phd thesis editing and proofreading services via our large and extremely dedicated team of academic and scientific professionals. All of our proofreaders are native speakers of English who have earned their own postgraduate degrees, and their areas of specialisation cover such a wide range of disciplines that we are able to help our international clientele with research editing to improve and perfect all kinds of academic manuscripts for successful publication. Many of the carefully trained members of our expert editing and proofreading team work predominantly on articles intended for publication in scholarly journals, applying painstaking journal editing standards to ensure that the references and formatting used in each paper are in conformity with the journal’s instructions for authors and to correct any grammar, spelling, punctuation or simple typing errors. In this way, we enable our clients to report their research in the clear and accurate ways required to impress acquisitions proofreaders and achieve publication.

Our scientific proofreading services for the authors of a wide variety of scientific journal papers are especially popular, but we also offer manuscript proofreading services and have the experience and expertise to proofread and edit manuscripts in all scholarly disciplines, as well as beyond them. We have team members who specialise in medical proofreading services, and some of our experts dedicate their time exclusively to PhD proofreading and master’s proofreading, offering research students the opportunity to improve their use of formatting and language through the most exacting PhD thesis editing and dissertation proofreading practices. Whether you are preparing a conference paper for presentation, polishing a progress report to share with colleagues, or facing the daunting task of editing and perfecting any kind of scholarly document for publication, a qualified member of our professional team can provide invaluable assistance and give you greater confidence in your written work.

If you are in the process of preparing an article for an academic or scientific journal, or planning one for the near future, you may well be interested in a new book, Guide to Journal Publication, which is available on our Tips and Advice on Publishing Research in Journals website.

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