It is always a pleasure to finish drafting a new research paper, and the pleasure is certainly worth savouring. However, experienced academic and scientific authors know that a successful publication process requires far more, and expert paper editing to ensure clarity and meet publisher guidelines is essential. offers the highest quality paper editing services for an international clientele of advanced researchers and professionals working in all disciplines and fields of study.

How Could I and My Writing Benefit from Expert Paper Editing Services?
Research-based writing tends to be complex, and its authors generally aim to communicate a great deal of detailed information as clearly and accurately as possible. For those reasons alone, expert manuscript editing services are advisable for any important research document, yet they are not the only reasons. The standards and expectations for the publication of advanced research, particularly via peer-reviewed journals and presses, are very high. Publishing guidelines must be followed with precision and consistency in every part of a research paper, and presentation and layout seem more important than ever with the wider audience the internet has brought to many academic and scientific fields.

Authors can, of course, and certainly should proofread and edit their own writing with careful attention to all these concerns, but the fact is that time is often short, errors creep into research documents with a shocking frequency, and many mistakes can be notoriously difficult to detect. The expert paper editors at have the training, experience and proclivity as well as the time to dedicate the most thorough and in-depth academic and scientific paper editing techniques to our clients’ writing. What you can therefore gain from our journal editing services is a clearer, more accurate, more engaging and more publishable research manuscript that accurately represents your knowledge and abilities.

Exactly What Can I Expect from a Paper Editor?
Our paper editors offer academic and scientific authors significant improvements to their research documents by working directly with the electronic files (usually Microsoft Word documents) our clients submit for paper editing. Your writing will receive thorough and exacting attention through a variety of paper editing services that include:

  • Changes needed to correct grammatical, spelling, punctuation and typing errors, as well as to maintain structural and stylistic consistency and to ensure that the author’s meaning is clearly communicated to the intended audience.
  • Adjustments to follow the publication guidelines of the author’s target journal or press. References, notes, tables, headings, layout and other elements often require some fine tuning during the paper editing process.
  • Your paper editor’s explanations for any especially complex or extensive changes that have been made to the document.
  • Marginal comments and suggestions about further changes that are not strictly necessary, but may be considered by the author to improve sentence structure, vocabulary, tone, style, organisation, logical argumentation or other aspects of the writing.

These paper editing services are offered in two new versions of your original manuscript file. The clean version incorporates the editor’s changes into a finished document. The tracked version, on the other hand, reveals the changes and offers you the opportunity to accept or reject any of the paper editor’s corrections and adjustments.

Why Should I Trust Your Paper Editing Team with My Work?
In short, you should trust our journal editing team with your research-based writing because we know exactly how to respect, assess and improve such writing. Our expert paper editors are highly educated researchers who hold advanced university degrees (master’s and PhD) across a wide range of disciplines and areas of specialisation, so we are sure to have the perfect professional for your manuscript. Many members of our team have extensive experience in teaching, research and academic publishing beyond paper editing, and some have edited and published their own research as well as helping many other authors publish their writing.

All are native speakers of English with a proficiency in the language and an in-depth familiarity with the standards, conventions and publication guidelines of their respective fields. They are able to identify problems with clarity and resolve the issues that prevent publication with insight and decisive action. Yet as researchers and authors themselves, they are also highly sensitive to unique authorial voices and innovative research and will treat yours with the utmost respect as they provide the best possible paper editing services.

As careful and thorough as our paper editing services are, they are nonetheless competitive and affordable. The price for paper editing is determined in advance based on the word count of a document and will not increase even if the writing requires extremely time-consuming paper editing services. Authors submit their writing to us electronically and our expert paper editors can edit and return documents within very tight timeframes, making our professional editing services extremely efficient and sometimes a lifesaver for busy researchers.

Security and confidentiality are paramount at, with all research documents and personal information kept absolutely secure and private. Finally, we guarantee customer satisfaction and welcome feedback from our clients. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our paper editing services, please let us know so that we can resolve the problems at once and ensure that you receive the services you require from a qualified senior member of our manuscript editing team. Assisting our clients in achieving their research and publishing goals is always our primary aim, and we have helped thousands of authors around the world successfully publish their research papers.