offers the highest quality academic editing services for advanced researchers, postgraduate degree students and professionals of all kinds working across a wide range of disciplines and areas of specialisation. Our academic editors are not only experts in their academic fields, but also experts in the English language who have been rigorously trained in the most effective techniques of academic editing to help clients all over the world correct and perfect their writing for success.

Theses and Dissertations
Another large group of customers benefits from our academic editing services for students who are writing theses and dissertations as a required part of their degree programmes. Since all of our editors have completed their own theses and dissertations, they are well aware of what is involved in the writing, revising and examining process that leads to a successful degree, and some members of our team actually specialise in editing theses and dissertations. They help students correct and improve chapters and sections to share with supervisory committees; they help them prepare and polish entire theses and dissertations for final examination, observing all stylistic, structural and formatting requirements; and they help them deal with any corrections and alterations requested by mentors and examiners. Students can benefit from the uniformity of a single editor throughout the thesis process or request different editors at various times or for specific parts of the document in order to gain a variety of perspectives.

Our large team of editing professionals consists entirely of native English speakers who are highly educated academics. All of our academic editors hold postgraduate degrees, many of them doctorates, so they have prepared their own research papers, reports, presentations, theses and dissertations. Many of them also have extensive teaching, grading and examining experience, and some have even published their own academic writing, so they understand what a university professor expects to see in a successful dissertation or thesis and they know exactly what a journal editor is seeking in a publishable research paper.

Our skills and experience enable us to correct, improve and polish the academic writing of our clients in a number of ways. For one, as experts in the English language and clear communication, our editors consider correct and effective grammar as necessary to successful academic writing as university professors and scholarly publishers do. Correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation inconsistencies and simple typos is central to the kind of thorough academic editing we are known for at In addition, our editors often make suggestions for improvements to sentences that are not strictly incorrect but could be better, explaining, for instance, how an awkward phrase might be rendered elegant or a pattern of punctuation might be altered to enhance clarity when discussing complicated research. We pay especially close attention to academic documentation, ensuring that in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes and complete bibliographical references are consistently thorough and accurate.

Whatever the structure, content and purpose of your document may be, our academic editing services will help you correct and improve your writing to communicate your research and your ideas clearly and eloquently, giving you more confidence in your work and increasing your chances of success.