A great deal of care, effort and time is invested in every academic research manuscript, and that is the case even without the thorough and exacting academic proofreading required to prepare a journal article, scholarly book or other academic document for peer review and publication. Even when an author wishes to edit and proofread his or her own writing, time is often short and many manuscript submissions end up rejected by publishers due to problems that a Proof-Reading-Service.com academic editor could effectively and efficiently resolve. We offer the highest quality academic proofreading services for professors, senior researchers, advanced students and business professionals working across all fields and areas of specialisation. Learn more about how to submit your research manuscript for our expert academic proofreading services.

What Does Expert Academic Editing and Proofreading Offer the Research Author?
Stated in the simplest terms, expert academic editing offers authors the opportunity to prepare and submit clearer, more professional and more publishable research manuscripts. Our academic proofreading services ensure that all errors of typing, grammar, spelling and punctuation are eliminated. Our academic proofreaders are experts at helping authors clarify intended meaning and establish structural and stylistic consistency as appropriate throughout a research document. They are also familiar with the instructions and guidelines of peer-reviewed journals and presses, and know exactly what adjustments need to be made to meet all publication requirements. Their academic proofreading services can ensure that you submit the best possible manuscript to the acquisitions editor of your target journal or press, and give the best possible impression of your knowledge, methods and abilities to the peer reviewers who assess your research. If, on the other hand, a journal editor or peer reviewer requests changes to your manuscript before it can be published, a professional academic editor who specialises in your discipline and field of study can help you complete many of the necessary revisions and achieve successful publication.
Submission Guidelines
Why Should I Choose Proof-Reading-Service.com Academic Editors?
All of our academic proofreaders have conducted their own advanced research and earned their own master’s or PhD degrees – some hold both – and their range of interests and specialisation span all academic disciplines and fields. We are therefore able to make a perfect match between the content of a client’s manuscript and the expertise of the academic editor selected for the job, and clients are always welcome to request the same editor for future academic editing, establishing a long-term working relationship to overcome writing and publishing challenges. Our proofreaders have extensive experience in teaching, examining, proofreading and publishing as well as editing, and some are specialists in working with certain kinds of documents, such as journal articles or doctoral theses. Before joining our professional editing team, they undergo rigorous testing and training in the most effective and exacting academic proofreading techniques, and our senior academic proofreaders continually assess the work of junior members, ensuring the highest quality academic proofreading services at all times. All members of the team are native speakers of English with a proficiency in the language that enables them to assist both native and non-native speakers report and discuss their valuable research with clarity, accuracy, precision and sophistication.

Exactly What Will I Receive from Your Academic Proofreading Services?
Most of our clients send their writing to us as Microsoft Word documents (although we can also work with other file formats) and our academic proofreaders then make necessary changes and add helpful comments directly to our clients’ electronic files. These changes and comments constitute the academic proofreading services we offer and consist of

  • Corrections to eliminate all grammar, spelling, punctuation and typing errors, to establish consistency in stylistic and structural aspects of a document, and to clarify the intended meaning of the author when the writing is ambiguous or potentially misleading.
  • Adjustments to observe the author instructions or publishing guidelines of the client’s target journal or press. References, abbreviations, notes, headings, tables and various other elements of research manuscripts frequently require adjustment during the academic editing process.
  • Explanations of why the academic editor has made certain changes, particularly extensive or complex changes when the reasons may not be immediately obvious to the author.
  • Suggestions for further changes that are not strictly necessary, but would nonetheless improve the writing style, sentence structure, authorial voice, organisation or other aspects of the research document if the author chooses to make them.

Submission Guidelines
Our academic proofreading services are offered to each client in two versions of his or her original document. One is a clean version in which the changes made by the academic editor are incorporated into the text. The second is a tracked version that shows the editor’s work and gives the author creative control over which changes are accepted and which are rejected.

Is Your Academic Editing and Proofreading Affordable and Guaranteed?
Yes and yes. The prices for our academic proofreading services are calculated in advance based on the word count of a document and are guaranteed not to increase even if the editing job turns out to be far more extensive and time consuming than we might have anticipated. This makes the cost of an expert academic editor for a journal article or book chapter extremely affordable, and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. We will have your document edited and returned by the deadline you specify, and if you are ever dissatisfied with the academic proofreading you have received from Proof-Reading-Service.com, we will be happy to provide a senior academic editor to re-edit your manuscript immediately and free of charge. Finally, we have the utmost respect for our clients’ unpublished research, and our academic proofreading services are completely secure, with all intellectual property and personal information protected and held in the strictest confidence.