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Graduate and postgraduate studies require formal writing in every discipline. Regardless of their field, researchers and scholars need to be able to share their discoveries, in language that is accessible and relevant in the global marketplace of ideas. Excellent writing at the professional level entails a set of skills that are both fundamental and highly advanced, doing justice to the expertise of the research while transmitting information and ideas clearly to the chosen audience. For the graduating candidate particularly, excellent writing is required to produce a solid dissertation. Learn more about how to submit your dissertation for our dissertation editing and proofreading services.

Why Are Editing and Proofreading Services Necessary for a Dissertation?
When you are about to present your dissertation to a group of the senior faculty who taught you much of what went into it, this is not the time to make glaring mistakes. Nor is it the time to make tiny mistakes. Even the most innocuous sentence errors – gratuitous surface errors within individual sentences – can interfere with your ability to convey your ideas and your information. This is a good time for dissertation proofreading service. Any solid piece of writing requires that you edit, revise, and proofread. Genuinely expert proofreading by qualified dissertation proofreaders can help at every level. In dissertation proofreading, a good line-by-line reading will detect mistakes and infelicities in all the potential problem areas – mechanics, punctuation, grammar, diction, usage, and syntax. It is always best to have a second pair of eyes and never more so than when you are making the final rounds of polishing and editing your dissertation.

The attainment of a PhD requires an intense and focused discipline in a specialized academic area that engages original research with the intent of publishing a document that displays a mastery of a chosen field. Doctoral candidates must have the dedication and endurance to finish the final revision and proofreading process to fulfill the requirements of a doctorate of philosophy degree. Proof-Reading-Service.com services can provide the perfectly proofread dissertation by matching a particular area of research with a proofreader that has experience and a proven record in a doctoral candidates chosen field. Our PhD dissertation proofreading services also provide the necessary corrections of spelling and grammar while following all requested formatting guidelines

Candidates for a master’s degree must continually look beyond regular discourse and standard reading. The documentation of results requires strict attention to detail while attaining the goal of mature academic writing that can propel a master’s degree candidate to graduation and eventual publication. Reaching this level requires experience in perfecting summaries while understanding the terminology in a chosen field. Proof-Reading-Service.com works with the greatest assurance that our clients are always satisfied. Our master’s dissertation proofreading services provide all the necessary corrections of spelling and grammar while formatting documents in accordance with our authors’ requests.

The research and composition of writing for a superb dissertation are based on many variables that must be addressed and continually adjusted to achieve acceptance as a final peer-reviewed publication. To escape the monotonous corrections that a bachelor’s dissertation requires, proofreading services can be employed to transform simple writing into a more advanced and commendable scientific composition. The degree of dedication that we provide results in determined professionalism, which makes our company the best. Our bachelor’s dissertation proofreading services provides formal scholarly writing with academic superiority while perfecting spelling, grammar and composition and adhering to all the required guidelines.

What Are the Services Provided in Expert Dissertation Proofreading?
Every good book needs a good editor. This maxim holds true for dissertations. Dissertation proofreading can help in aspects of writing from the writing style to the apparatus of documentation to the inclusion of support material. An overview of valuable dissertation proofreading services includes the following:

  • Format and layout of the body of the dissertation
  • Editing all text for correctness on the sentence-to-sentence level – for example, punctuation, mechanics, grammar, diction, usage, and syntax
  • Revising for clarity and intelligibility – dealing with any other-language barriers
  • Proofreading for prose style – choosing appropriate diction for the maximal combination of readability and professionalism
  • Revising paragraphs – making improvements to obtain the best sentence order, arranging sentences within paragraphs around clearly stated topics
  • Editing as needed for organizing the material – checking for the optimal order of subtopics and the best arrangement for logic and understandability
  • Proofreading the dissertation abstract
  • Editing the apparatus of documentation for academic integrity, including the endnotes and bibliography
  • Proofreading text necessary for graphics and/or illustrations – captions, copyright and permissions, order, and arrangement
  • Editing other apparatus of document production – all the text for the table of contents, chapter and topic headings, any appendices, and indexing

What Else is Accomplished in Dissertation Proofreading?
For postgraduate education, ‘writing’ means 1) command of language, producing writing that is accessible to or translatable for international scholars working in the same field; 2) the body of your written work, the text/s that you have produced; 3) the acts of writing and editing, including the dissertation presenting your research, and writing in other forms and genres; and 4) publishing, as in scholarly publishing. Dissertation proofreading helps with all the above, including the last aspirational step of producing a dissertation that you might in time wish to submit to a university press. The outcome of using dissertation proofreading services should be a solid piece of writing that showcases your ability not only to conduct advanced research but also to share your work for a variety of purposes and with a variety of audiences.

Your dissertation presents not only your research but also your critical thinking, reading, and composing. In dissertation proofreading , the emphasis on integrating academic research and documentation does not overshadow the importance of your own discoveries and your own deductions. Dissertation proofreading services include helping you to clarify and to focus on strategies for revising and for sharing your work in writing. Moving forward, the resulting dissertation should highlight not only your work itself but also the abilities that went into it – approaching the dissertation as a project, persevering in developing the project thoroughly, and revising and editing for improvement at every stage.

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We use the ‘track changes’ function of Microsoft Word when proofreading and editing your document. This function allows you to move easily between changes and accept any or all of the modifications proposed by the proofreader. Corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the right-hand margin and are easy to incorporate into your document.


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