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Sports science is a dynamic and exciting field of work that requires proficiency in many different areas, such as physiology, body mechanics and nutrition. Working with professional athletes, who are under continual stress in a highly competitive environment, involves dedication to improving performance during sporting events. Professionals who work in sports science spend long hours keeping track of many variables over time and are unable to devote themselves to the task of editing and proofreading manuscripts.

Furthermore, most people working in the field of sports science do not consider writing and proofreading to be their greatest strength, and this is where sports science editing services can fill the gap so that more time can be devoted to catering to the needs of athlete improvement. Sports science editing can quickly and efficiently turn any draft, from field notes to research collected for publication in a scientific journal, into a perfected publishable paper capable of satisfying any senior sports science publisher. Our sports science editors have intimate academic knowledge of sports science in many different areas, lending quick and concise clarity to any manuscript while conveying the intended meaning to a target audience to deliver the greatest impact.

How Do We Maintain the Best Editing Service for Sports Science Manuscripts?
All of our PhD editors are experts at providing the very best in customer service. Our sports science editing services excel at delivering all of the many solutions for draft development and preparation for publication. Grammar and spelling corrections are the simplest tasks that our editors perform as they are masters of the English language. Throughout the revisionary process, maintaining continual lines of communication while offering critical comments and constructive suggestions for writing improvement is a speciality that our sports science editors have perfected.

All changes to documents are tracked, providing a reliable history of draft development while giving authors full control over the decision-making process. Sports science editing organizes ideas into smooth-flowing narratives in a timely and friendly manner so that our customers are always thrilled with our services. Our sports science editors always maintain a standard of objectivity so that our final proofs are suitable for publishing in many formats from science journals to popular websites. Our proofreading services can establish relationships with our clients that yield repeated service requests and continual recommendations for new clients due to our excellence in reliably producing award-winning publishable proofs.

Individual Tasks That Are Conducted by Our Sports Science Editors
Our sports science editing always provides the following services for manuscript preparation:

  • Correcting all spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation mistakes through line-by-line proofreading
  • Organizing all ideas in documents to develop works that continually flow in a logical manner
  • Delivering important critical commentary, tracing all changes during the revisionary process while considering continual authorial input
  • Complying with the formatting requirements for all avenues of publication, including books, journals and websites
  • Offering suggestions to improve the authors’ writing skills

Why Our Sports Science Editing and Proofreading Services are Rated the Best in the Business
Our greatest strength is our professional attitude towards the proofreading services that we provide. Our sports science editors deliver prompt service, continually yielding spectacular finalized manuscripts for our clients. All of our PhD editors are native English speakers who have personal experience with the full publication process from the initiation of original ideas to publishing in the finest journals of sports science.

We match the varied education and experience of our editors to the needs and interests of our clients and their written works. Often sports science editors can engage in a communal effort for certain writing projects as senior and junior editors can readily work in collaboration with multiple authors. In addition, our sports science editors provide services for all papers in any publication, and they are experienced with and capable of handling any guidelines and formatting requirements of any hard copy publication or internet site.

Guarantees of all of our sports science editing services and final proofs are always given to our clients. We provide precise estimates for our proofreading services and cater to any budget constraints for any project. All concerns or problems with any sports science editing services and proofreading are always addressed rapidly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The quality of the final published proofs delivered by our sports science editing services has resulted in our amazing and well-deserved reputation for producing perfected proofs that are continually valued by the finest senior editors and published in the best sources for sports science information.

Why Us?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

All our proofreaders are highly qualified native English speakers. The price is worked out at a flat rate per 1,000 words, so you know exactly how much the proofreading of your document will cost in advance.

Subject Matter Proofreaders
Experienced US and UK proofreaders are available in your academic field.

Secure and Confidential
We will never give away personal details or reveal anything about your document. The security of your document is guaranteed by Files are transferred over a secure network, and your file will be deleted after one calendar month.

Reference Check
Our proofreaders will make sure that your sources are cited correctly whether you use Harvard referencing, APA style or any other citation style.

We are a dedicated provider of academic proofreading services in all academic fields.

We use the ‘track changes’ function of Microsoft Word when proofreading and editing your document. This function allows you to move easily between changes and accept any or all of the modifications proposed by the proofreader. Corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the right-hand margin and are easy to incorporate into your document.

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