PRS Tip: Some journals will dedicate a particular issue or volume to a specific theme, and solicit articles that fit under the rubric of that theme. In such situations, you should only submit your paper for consideration in that issue or volume if your paper clearly deals with the theme specified, and you should also explain in your covering letter why and how your paper addresses that theme. Although it is generally a waste of time to submit an article that is off topic in such cases, submissions that share a topic or approach can result in a thematic trend in any given issue or volume of a journal, and many journals will welcome cohesive content of this sort. So if you have colleagues or (fellow) students involved in research similar to your own who are also preparing papers for publication, it can be a good strategy to submit your papers to the same journal around the same time. It won’t guarantee acceptance, of course, but if a journal receives more than one paper on the same or a similar topic, the connections may inspire a theme-oriented issue in which papers on that theme will stand a somewhat better chance of achieving publication. It’s another way to stack the deck in your favour as you submit your paper. 21 PRS Proofreading and Editing Service PhD Experts • All Academic Areas • Fast Turnaround • High Quality PARt I: wHAt to PUBlIsH And wHeRe to PUBlIsH It