123 PRS Proofreading and Editing Service PhD Experts • All Academic Areas • Fast Turnaround • High Quality APPendIx: sAmPle ResPonses to letteRs FRom AcAdemIc And scIentIFIc edItoRs I very much appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into your comments. Your advice about the formatting, structure and referencing style of my paper is most helpful. I’ve looked over the Journal of Changing Weather author guidelines again and see exactly where I’ve gone wrong and what changes need to be made. Once I’ve made the necessary revisions, I plan to have the paper professionally proofread to ensure that I’ve met all the requirements consistently. However, I remain unsure about whether you’re willing to reconsider the article once the necessary changes have been made, so I’m hoping you can confirm that you’d like me to send you the revised paper for reconsideration or publication. I’ve begun working on the revisions already and will be able to return the article to you within a couple of weeks. With thanks for your time and assistance, [sign here for a formal letter] Sandra Jones