104 PRS Proofreading and Editing Service PhD Experts • All Academic Areas • Fast Turnaround • High Quality paper if the guidelines suggest that this is acceptable because journals differ considerably in terms of where they want tables and figures positioned within a manuscript (see Section 5.1 above). Special attention should also be paid to any submission requirements associated with blind peer reviewing. If the journal uses blind peer reviews to assess papers prior to publication, its guidelines will usually contain some specific instructions as to what authors are expected to do in order to ensure that their identities will not be known to the specialists reviewing their writing. Requirements differ, but can include ensuring that the name of the author (or names of the authors if there are more than one) and any other personal information do not appear on the title page included with the paper, which usually means that a title page (or other short document) with that personal information will need to be submitted separately; that any sources written by the author of the submitted paper that are cited in the paper and listed among the references should be referred to in such a way that a reader cannot determine that the same author is responsible for the paper currently under consideration (any passages that you need to alter to meet this requirement can be changed back once the paper is accepted for publication); and that any author identification should be removed from the properties of the files you submit. If you do not observe such requirements, your paper will be returned, at least for revisions, before it can be reviewed, so care with such details the first time around will better facilitate a successful review process. Do not exceed any word limits indicated for the article as a whole or for any particular section of the paper, such as the abstract, and be aware that word limits may differ according to type of paper in some journal guidelines, so read them carefully. While many editors will not be put off by a good paper that slightly exceeds word counts and PARt III: commUnIcAtIng wItH JoURnAl edItoRs: sUBmIssIon, AccePtAnce, RevIsIon And ReJectIon