Alongside our professional proofreading and editing services, offers translation services both to and from the English language. As with our proofreading services, we focus on academic, scientific and professional documents, but we can translate any document written in any of these languages, so please contact us with your project if you are in need of translation services.

Our translation services are listed below. All prices are based on the word count of the original document and will not change even if a text requires far more time to translate than we originally anticipated, so you will always know in advance how much the translation will cost.

Portuguese ⇒ English, £95.95 per 1000 words
Spanish ⇒ English, £95.95 per 1000 words
Simplified Chinese ⇒ English, £68.95 per 1000 words
Traditional Chinese ⇒ English, £68.95 per 1000 words
French ⇒ English, £149.95 per 1000 words

English ⇒ Portuguese, £95.95 per 1000 words
English ⇒ Spanish, £95.95 per 1000 words
English ⇒ Simplified Chinese, £68.95 per 1000 words
English ⇒ Traditional Chinese, £68.95 per 1000 words
English ⇒ French, £149.95 per 1000 words

It is often the case in the twenty-first century that scholars and other professionals who are not native speakers of English nonetheless need to communicate in English when writing articles, reviews, reports, proposals, announcements, web pages, letters and many other kinds of documents. English is not a simple language to master, however, and for those just learning the language, expressing complex concepts, precise relationships and subtle distinctions in English can be a daunting task. The time alone that composition of even a short document can take when each piece of vocabulary and grammar must be carefully checked can prove long indeed. In addition, there is the abiding concern that, despite all your hard work, you may not have said quite what you intended to say.

The same problems can arise when you find you need to translate an English document into another language. Academic, scientific and professional writing must be clear, precise and informative, yet at times it must also be nuanced and carefully qualified. Grammar, spelling and punctuation must be perfect, while the overall argument and its progression must be expressed effectively. Our translators can put your mind at ease. All PRS translators hold at least a master’s degree and are native speakers of the target languages; some are fully bilingual. As academics specialising in a variety of fields, they understand the importance of accuracy and style, and are familiar with the rigorous methods and scholarly standards of research and writing in their disciplines.

PRS translation services can be used for scholarly books and journal articles, research proposals and business plans, reviews and letters of reference, questionnaires and other research instruments, tables and figures, instructional materials and conference announcements, résumés and job applications, and a wide range of other documents. A professional translator can be immensely helpful when you are using primary documents in your research that are written in a language other than your own and it is absolutely essential that you understand them thoroughly and in detail. Even those informative letters and email messages that travel around the globe from colleagues, libraries and museums could sometimes use the expertise of a professional translator to ensure that their meaning is absolutely clear. Whatever sort of document you may need to have translated, the PRS team looks forward to working on it.