For postsecondary and postgraduate students across all academic and scientific fields, offers professional editing and proofreading services for term papers, essays and all other written assignments. Learn more how to submit your work for our term paper editing and proofreading services.

The term paper team consists of highly qualified and well-educated editors and proofreaders who are native speakers of English with academic and scientific experience in many different disciplines and subject areas. They have not only written their own term papers, essays, reports and assignments, but they have also taught, graded and examined at the university level, and many have published their own scholarly writing. Their expertise in the writing of students and the requirements of instructors working across a wide range of disciplines at many different universities in various countries can be of great benefit as you prepare your assignments. Many of our clients are postgraduate students who are not native speakers of English but who are studying at English language universities, where they are often attempting to write long and complicated scholarly documents in English for the very first time. If you are in this situation, you may find that thorough and effective proofreading proves impossible, but the term paper editing and proofreading services available at provide a solution that will give you more confidence in the work you hand in for grading.

A full course load at the university level can be incredibly challenging to maintain successfully. Reading requirements alone can be enormous, yet keeping up with them is essential to success in the classroom, the laboratory and the written assignments that must be completed and handed in on time. The primary concern, of course, is to generate term papers, essays and reports that contain excellent content, and meeting the expectations of professors and instructors can involve, particularly for students in their first years of study, learning how to create and maintain a persuasive academic argument or how to structure and write a scientific paper that makes good use of effective methods and the evidence provided by research findings. Such qualities are absolutely necessary if you wish to earn top grades, but they are not the only requirements for successful scholarly writing.

As your professors and instructors have no doubt already made clear, the language, grammar, punctuation and spelling you use in your written work must be correct, appropriate and effective in order to present your ideas, evidence and arguments in a clear and scholarly manner. Misused vocabulary, confusing syntax and incorrect punctuation compromise and sometimes utterly confuse what a student is trying to communicate, and the result will be a mislead instructor who has little choice but to give a lower grade. Most professors will also provide their students with editorial, formatting and documentation guidelines that must be followed with precision and accuracy. These may seem minor or unimportant to some students, but such guidelines lay out the standards that are considered acceptable and professional not just by individual instructors, but within a specific discipline and the wider scholarly community. It is essential that these guidelines be observed, and that all term papers, essays and assignments be carefully proofread and corrected to ensure that all aspects of language and formatting are polished to perfection.

A few students will possess the aptitude and desire to dedicate painstaking attention to proofreading and editing every detail in every assignment they produce, but many students will not, and still more will not be able to find the time amidst a busy schedule to do the job thoroughly and with exactitude. The term paper editors and proofreaders available at, on the other hand, not only have the time to dedicate to your written work, but they are also experts in scholarly English and the many formatting and editorial challenges it presents. A proofreader can check and correct your grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling; he or she can ensure that your formatting and presentation consistently meet the guidelines you have been given; and he or she can also check abbreviations, numbers, quotations, references, tables, figures and a wide variety of data to make sure that minor errors do not compromise the accuracy and quality of otherwise excellent scholarly work.

When you submit your document for our term paper editing and proofreading services, be sure to send along with it any instructions provided by your professor, as well as any notes of your own regarding particular concerns you have about your writing. This will enable your proofreader to focus attention where it is most needed and help you produce a document that will meet all requirements and earn a top grade.