provides wide-ranging academic and scientific proofreading and editing services for postsecondary students of all levels. Student life is fast paced and hectic, yet excellence must be maintained in all work submitted to earn a degree. Fortunately, PRS is here to help. The paragraphs below provide more information about the kinds of student documents for which we offer academic and scientific proofreading and editing. We encourage you to send us your writing today and discover the positive difference a professional proofreader can make.

Dissertations and Theses
Writing a dissertation or thesis (PhD, MBA, MSc, MA & BA) requires a considerable amount of time, hard work and tuition, yet even an excellent dissertation or thesis can fail to earn a student the desired degree if the university’s instructions for editorial style and formatting are not followed precisely or if the dissertation or thesis contains too many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. To avoid these problems and their consequences, send your dissertation or thesis to along with any guidelines that you are following, and one of our professional academic dissertation and thesis editors and proofreaders will be happy to help you to succeed by checking and correcting your language, formatting, references and other elements of your writing. Our dissertation and thesis proofreading and editing services will give you more confidence in the work that you submit.

Research Papers
Research papers vary in content and are written for a wide variety of reasons and purposes, but in every case the writing must be clear and correct to communicate the author’s ideas and intentions effectively to the anticipated audience. Whether papers are prepared for publication in a scholarly journal, as part of the requirements for a university course or to determine the feasibility of a technical or professional project, they generally need to be organised and formatted according to specific guidelines that must be observed with precision and consistency. has an eager team of research paper editors and proofreaders who will be happy to check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting to help you achieve through your writing the success you desire.

Term Papers
University students registered in a full course load are very busy indeed. Reading expectations, laboratory participation and writing activities often leave very little time for carefully proofreading and correcting term papers, reports and other assignments. In order to earn top grades, however, it is essential that all writing submitted to instructors make use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and follow the formatting, editorial and referencing guidelines provided by those instructors. The term paper editors and proofreaders have the education and expertise necessary to help you perfect and polish your written assignments to meet the highest scholarly standards before you hand them in to your instructors.

Reports (Academic, Scientific, Business, Financial, Technical & Medical)
Writing reports is an essential aspect of the work done by many students, scholars, researchers, practitioners, instructors, technicians and business professionals. Excellent and informative reports can help these individuals earn degrees, employment, funding, research opportunities, promotions, customers, credibility and career advancement. Reports are rarely easy to write, however, and producing a high-quality report full of detailed and sophisticated material for readers who do not share the author’s perspective or specialisation can prove especially challenging. The report editors and proofreaders provided by have the expertise and training to help you make your reports the professional vehicles of vital information that will achieve all you expect of them.

Essays and Assignments
A great deal of time, effort and money is required to earn a university education, yet a successful degree depends almost entirely on the grades obtained for course essays and assignments of various kinds, and to achieve excellent grades a student must communicate in language that is precise and correct while observing the required formatting and editorial styles for each assignment. Our essay editors and proofreaders specialise in academic and scientific writing and have the expertise in written English required to check and correct your grammar, punctuation and spelling and ensure that your papers meet the high scholarly standard necessary to earn the highest grades.