Reporting and discussing the intricacies of advanced research in writing is never easy, and the English language that has become so central to the global dissemination of academic and scientific research is far from a simple language to negotiate at times, even for many well-educated native speakers. When correct, formal English is required and peer-reviewed publication is the goal, the challenges increase and careful English editing is absolutely essential to produce publishable research documents. offers expert English editing services for a large international clientele of academics, scientists and professionals working across all disciplines and areas of specialisation.

What Can Expert English Editing Do for My Research Manuscript?
The short answer is that English editing provided by an expert English editor with the right knowledge and experience can produce a clearer, more accurate, more engaging and more publishable research manuscript. The more help an author requires to achieve the high standards of the target journal or press, the more pronounced and significant will be the desirable results of excellent English journal editing services.

Correcting the errors and inconsistencies in our clients’ English writing that can prevent clear communication and successful publication is always a top priority, so our professional English editor will

  • Perform detailed line-by-line English editing to detect and correct all errors in typing, grammar, spelling and punctuation to ensure the clear and accurate communication of an author’s research methods, data and ideas.
  • Establish complete consistency as required in stylistic and structural aspects across all parts and sections of a manuscript.
  • Adjust elements such as references, notes, in-text citations, abbreviations, headings and subheadings to observe the author instructions and publishing guidelines of the target journal or press precisely and consistently throughout the document.

Whenever the reasons for our English editor’s corrections and adjustments may not be entirely clear to an author, and especially if any of the changes are particularly complicated or extensive, clear explanations of the reasons for those changes will form an important part of our English manuscript editing services and offer the author expert advice.

In fact, at we aim to share the kind of expert advice that can help our clients improve their writing not only in the document currently receiving our English editing services, but also in future manuscripts, whether they are ever submitted for English editing or not. For this reason, our English editors frequently offer clients

  • Constructive suggestions for additional changes that may not be necessary to correct the text, but would nonetheless improve sentence structure, flow, organisation, argumentation, tone, voice or other aspects of the English writing.

Why Should I Choose Your English Editing Services?
The best reason to choose our English editing services lies in the expertise and experience of our professional English editors. Every one of them is a native speaker of the language with a proficiency in the formal scholarly English required for original academic and scientific research publications. Each one has also conducted his or her own advanced research and successfully earned a master’s or PhD degree (a few hold both). Many have extensive experience in teaching, examining and publishing as well as English editing and proofreading, and some of our team members have edited and published their own research documents in peer-reviewed journals and books. Their areas of research specialisation range widely across all disciplines and fields of study, so we are sure to have a qualified editor for every client’s English manuscript. The perfect English editor for your research and writing can help you prepare the best possible manuscript for initial submission to a journal or press, or even help you complete the challenging revisions so often required by acquisitions editors and peer reviewers. You can also request the same editor when you require English editing for future writing projects, establishing a supportive working relationship for a productive career in research and publication.

The rates for our English editing services are competitive and affordable. The price to edit a manuscript is determined in advance based on its word count, and the quoted price for editing a document will never increase even if major problems with grammar, for instance, or bibliographical references mean that our English editor has to spend a great deal more time on a manuscript than we anticipated. In fact, we aim through the highest quality English editing to help authors all around the world resolve the major as well as the minor issues that hinder the publication of their valuable research.

As researchers and authors themselves, our English editors understand the need for security and confidentiality when working with the unpublished research and writing of our clients, so you can rest assured that we will always keep your personal information and intellectual property secure and private while we provide our English editing services. You can rely on us to return your edited manuscript by the deadline you specify, and we guarantee customer satisfaction with all our scientific editing services. If our English editing has not met your expectations in any way, please let us know so that we can resolve the problem and assign a senior editor who specialises in your field to re-edit your manuscript immediately. We encourage you to try our English scientific manuscript editing services for your latest research document and benefit from the remarkable improvements that a qualified and conscientious professional editor can bring to your English writing.