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Cambridge is among the loveliest of university towns. Few students would deny it, but many have very little time to enjoy its beauty, busy as they are attending classes, meeting reading requirements and producing written assignments. Studying may, of course, be the main reason why they are living in Cambridge, and spending time in Cambridge’s amazing colleges and libraries has its beauties as well. Still, there can be little doubt that many serious students suffer a major shortage of one commodity in particular – time – and this is especially the case for fulltime students who are caring for a family or working as well as studying. The professional team of academic and scientific proofreaders available at Proof-Reading-Service.com can help.

Theses and Dissertations
Cambridge Students benefits from our dissertation proofreading services for authors who are writing theses and dissertations as a required part of their degree programmes. Since all of our academic proofreaders and editors have completed their own theses and dissertations, they are well aware of what is involved in the writing, revising and examining process that leads to a successful degree, and some members of our team actually specialise in dissertation proofreading. They help students correct and improve chapters and sections to share with supervisory committees; they help them prepare and polish entire theses and dissertations for final examination, observing all stylistic, structural and formatting requirements; and they help them deal with any corrections and alterations requested by mentors and examiners. Students can benefit from the uniformity of a single academic proofreader and editor throughout the thesis process or request different proofreaders at various times or for specific parts of the document in order to gain a variety of perspectives.

For the most part, it is written work that determines the grades, credits and degrees earned, or not, in university programmes. Excellent written work spells success; its opposite usually results in marks that are a good deal lower or less satisfactory than they need be. Students who desire success must obviously aim for excellence in the study and research that stand behind their written work, but it is also essential to proofread and edit for accuracy and quality every piece of writing submitted for grading, assessment or examination. Effective editing and proofreading can take up a large chunk of the time so precious to students, and it is hardly surprising that many students submit assignments without dedicating the attention needed to achieve a high scholarly standard. Even the most conscientious students who have the proclivity to attend to every detail in their writing and truly wish to do so often run out of hours for proofreading before a deadline and are forced to hand in essentially unfinished work.
Submission Guidelines
The good news here is that university students in Cambridge do not need to face the challenges of proofreading and editing alone. Research, writing and class participation are your territory as a student, but after you have drafted your seminar presentation, laboratory report or term paper, you can send it on to Proof-Reading-Service.com for expert editing by a highly educated native English speaker who has earned a postgraduate degree in your area of specialisation and is familiar with the standards of scholarly communication in your discipline. Your proofreader will check your grammar, spelling and punctuation, offering constructive comments as he or she corrects errors and suggests further improvements to your writing. By including with your document any guidelines you may be following, you will enable the expert working on your writing to help you apply the required formatting and documentation styles with precision and consistency.

Doctoral candidates and other postgraduate students working, usually for the first time, on long research and writing projects tend to find the dissertation proofreading services available through Proof-Reading-Service.com especially invaluable, but we are happy to work on any kind of scholarly document. Short reports and essays, for instance, can be proofread and edited very quickly indeed to meet looming deadlines. The confidence you gain by knowing that your writing is clear and polished before you hand it in will prove as enjoyable as the marks that come with submitting top-notch work that stands out above the crowd. We encourage you to send us your latest writing project today so that we can help you achieve your educational goals.