is pleased to offer a new academic course material writing service. Whether you are looking for a complete credit course, a teaching unit or just a single lecture, we will be happy to provide what you need. Courses aimed at secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate students can be accommodated, and anything from introductory surveys to advanced studies of individual topics and texts can be developed. Instructional material can be designed or adapted for classroom presentation, private tutorials, distance-learning scenarios or the online engagement of students.

At present we are able to offer course writing in the following academic subjects:

  • English Literature
  • The English Language
  • Critical Reading
  • English Composition
  • Academic Writing (Essays, Theses, Articles or Books)
  • Academic Editing and Proofreading
  • Academic References and Bibliographies
  • Middle English Literature and Language
  • Middle English Poets
  • Latin Literature and Language
  • Medieval Literature
  • Medieval History
  • England in the Middle Ages
  • The Arthurian Legend
  • Manuscript Studies (Medieval and Early Modern)
  • Medieval Books and Readers
  • The History of Women
  • Medieval Women’s History
  • Women Writers of the Middle Ages
  • Medieval Visionary and Dream Literature
  • Autobiographical Writing of the Middle Ages
  • Medieval Monasticism (Male and Female)
  • The Normans
  • Canadian Literature

Each client’s requirements will be considered individually, however, and we are always eager to expand our offerings, so if you need a course written on a similar or related topic, please get in touch with us so that we can discuss your project in detail.

Each course will be carefully structured and clearly laid out for optimal learning and will include a course outline, introductory material for individual topics and units, information on textbooks and resources, critical discussions of key issues, engagement questions and activities, study tips of various kinds, formal assignments appropriate to the level of the course, one or more examinations (a final exam, for instance, and perhaps a midterm as well) and grading assistance for instructors. Images, diagrams, maps, tables and the like may form part of a course to render the instructional material clearer and more appealing or when desired by the client. Ideally the course writer will work closely with the client, sharing drafts for commentary and developing the final text so that each course is tailored to the particular context in which it will be taught and the needs of the students and instructors concerned.

Just as each course project will be considered on an individual basis, so the cost of writing the instructional material for each course will be worked out individually. Aspects such as the length and academic level of the course and the possible need for research and resources beyond the material provided by the client will be taken into consideration while determining the total amount for each course. In general, however, a per-word cost will be used starting at 15 pence per word. Courses will be written on contract with the overall word count of the course anticipated while negotiating a price so that you will know in advance exactly how much you will be paying for your new course.

If you are interested in our course material writing service, please contact us today. We look forward to discussing your course project and ultimately providing you with the instructional materials you require.